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Travel to Manaus - in the heart of the Amazon

The metropolis Manaus is located in the midst of the Brazilian part of the world's largest rainforest, the Amazon. This fascinating city is an experience in itself, but most people come here to explore the surrounding rain forests. You can go on day tours or even stay several months in the jungle. Book your trip to Manaus with KILROY!

The strange town in the middle of the jungle

Although you probably come to Manaus to explore the jungle, there is every reason to spend a couple of days here. This huge city in the middle of the Amazon is in fact quite unique. It is hot, humid and exotic in every possible way; you immediately sense that the jungle is right in the 'backyard'. The atmosphere is both lazy and hectic caused by the humid environment and the busy trading that takes place at the city's markets. People here have a very special, warm-blooded glow and love to party and enjoy themselves in the cozy bars consisting of plastic chairs and tables.

Enjoy the world's best freshly squeezed juice

There are a few things you should not miss out on when in Manaus. Remember, to taste the local 'sucos' (fresh juice) that comes in all sorts of delicious flavors. Always freshly picked from the rain forest juicy fruits! You should also visit the wildly impressive Teatro Amazonas, a sparkling and colorful theater and built with the finest and most expensive materials in the late 1800s - unusual because it was hard work to transport special and rare materials from different areas of the world to here.


Finally, you should soak in the ambience in the city's chaotic and colorful port. The many boats are being loaded with goods to sail the long journey down the Amazon River towards the Atlantic coast. It's like something out of a movie!

The temptations of the jungle

Before going deep into the jungle you have to see the natural phenomena on the Amazon River just outside of Manaus: Encontro das Aguas. This is where the two great rivers that make up the Rio Amazonas flow together- the muddy Rio Solimoes and the black Rio Negro. Here, you'll see the meeting between two colors in the water - the colors do not run together but remain on either side of their meeting point. It looks strange and is quite fascinating.


Other than that, it is all about getting in the jungle. There are many possibilities regarding the length of your tour, and also in relation to the degree of luxury, size of the group traveling together, which activities to do along the way, and so on. The best thing to do is simply to spend some time exploring the possibilities - and there are many, very many - in Manaus before booking a trip. Of course there is also the opportunity to experience the jungle on a trip booked from home through KILROY.

Under the open sky in the jungle

It is highly recommended to try to stay in primitive conditions in the jungle, that is, either in simple huts or even better in the open air in hammocks, protected only by a mosquito net. It is a life changing experience, and also a little bit terrifying; you will probably have a hard time falling asleep while lying here in pitch darkness and listening to all the sounds of the night: monkeys in the distance, perhaps a tiger...

Of course, you also come here to experience the wild animals in daylight and with a little luck you'll see alligators, capybaras, tarantulas, poisonous frogs, parrots, river dolphins and monkeys. You have to be a little more lucky to spot a puma or a jaguar, but why not be the lucky one?

During your journey in the Amazon, there is also a good chance that you will try to fish for piranhas, on a canoe made from a hollowed tree trunk or come close to the life of some of the indigenous people who live here.

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A trip down the river

When you need to leave Manaus, there are roughly two ways to do it (unless you are extremely patient and have the courage to take a long bus journey on the bumpy dirt roads): to fly or sail on the Amazon. The latter option MUST be tried!

There is something special about sailing down the world's largest river for days on the simple and charming riverboats. The days are spent lazing in the hammock, enjoying the views and the amazing sunsets over the jungle and entertaining yourself with observing the many Brazilians who fill the boat. When the boat dock at small towns along the river you experience the life that unfolds here. It is a genuine Amazon experience, one you should not miss out on. The trip can last up to 8-10 days, depending on when you choose to get off.

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