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Travel to Pantanal - Wilderness in Brazil

In Pantanal in southwest Brazil you have the best opportunities to experience the amazing wildlife in the Amazon. In this jungle you'll find alligators, jaguars, pumas, monkeys, anacondas and more, and with a little luck you get to see all of them. Book your trip to the Pantanal with KILROY!

There are people who travel to Brazil without ever having heard of the Pantanal. But that is a huge mistake because this area in the Mato Grosso region in southwestern Brazil is a wild and fascinating area of ​​swamps and rivers that is home to many interesting animals. However, unlike actual Amazon, most parts of Pantanal is more open and easily accessible, which means that it is often easier to spot the animals. Pantanal is in other words, the best safari place in Brazil and throughout South America - and you can see and book our tours in the area here.

Wildlife of Pantanal

There are lots of the exciting animals in Pantanal, which most people associate with the Amazon and Brazil: alligators, monkeys, parrots, pumas, jaguars, anacondas, tapirs, anteaters, armadillos and much more - also of the kind that most would rather avoid, but which are still fascinating: tarantulas, various snakes, exotic insects in giant sizes and different colorful frogs. Yes, Pantanal is truly exotic and exciting, and the perfect complement to an excursion in the Amazon. How about a hike through the mud in search of giant anacondas of 8-10 meters? A trip through the swamps in the darkness to spot alligators and jaguars? Stay overnight in the wild, free nature, surrounded only by a mosquito net!


Travel around Pantanal

We highly recommend staying at an authentic, South-American cattle farm, called fazenda. In this way you will get the authentic experience of this wild area. Pantanal is also famous for its many huge cattle ranches operated by real cowboys, and the atmosphere of these places is very special. It is exactly like a in a western, just with a South American twist. And the best part is that you have the opportunity to stay at one of these as you explore Pantanal. It's hot, it's humid, it's dirty, it's sweaty, it's marvelous!

There are three ways to get to Pantanal; via Campo Grande in the south, Cuiabá in the north and Corumba in the west. Especially the first two options can be recommended - this way you can either visit the little paradise Bonito (from Campo Grande) or the mountain range of Chapada dos Guimarães (from Cuiabá). Especially Bonito can be recommended; a small town famous for its rivers and streams. Thanks to an extremely high calcium content, the water is clean and clear and offer plenty of colorful fish. The city of Bonito is charming in true South American style, and the whole area is a natural paradise.

It is especially in the northern part of Pantanal, you'll find the flora and fauna that is similar to that of the Amazon. And it is also in this area you'll find the cheapest accommodation.

With truck or boat to Pantanal

When traveling to Pantanal, you can either take the long-stretched road called Transpantaneira - you can drive yourself or go on one of the tours where you sit on a truck. Or you can travel by boat on the many swamps and rivers, giving you the chance to get close to many of the animals. Whether you choose one or the other form of travel, we recommend booking an adventure tour well in advance, so you are sure to get the best experience for your money.

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