Travel to Salvador and see beautiful old architecture from the colonial era

Travel to Salvador - Surfing and samba

Salvador is situated on the east coast of Brazil. It's a historic and lively city with inviting beaches, and excursion opportunities on many of the islands and bays in the area.

The city of Salvador offers everything that one associates with a tropical, big city. Salvador is Brazil's third largest city, here you will find plenty of impressive, well preserved buildings and neighborhoods from the colonial era.

Travel to Salvador, the capital of happiness

You quickly understand why Salvador is called the capital of happiness. This is a city of outdoor festivals, celebrations and entertainment, not least in February, when a huge carnival takes place.

All year round this city is full of life and joy. In Salvador even something as simple as the many food stalls found around the charming streets is a great experience in itself. Try some of the delicious dishes of fish, seafood and rice, and you will understand what we mean.

The Colonial architecture of Salvador

Many travel to Salvador mainly to see the city's countless beautiful houses and churches from the colonial era. The city is one of the oldest in Brazil and South America in general, and everywhere you will find extremely beautiful and well maintained buildings from colonial times around the middle of the 1500s.

Perhaps the most impressive part of town is the historic district called Pelourinho, which is known for its Portuguese colonial architecture, with lots of historical monuments from the period between the 17th and 19 century. This whole town is with good reason protected by UNESCO.

Salvador's beaches, coves and islands

The city lies on a small peninsula with the Gulf of Bahia Todos os Santos on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. Therefore there is also good beaches close to the center of Salvador, and if you're looking for something more desolate and deserted you can sail out to some of the most beautiful islands in the vicinity, primarily Morro de Sao Paulo and Itaparica. Both islands have perfect beaches and charming pousadas (small family-run hotels) right by the water. Here are also some of the greatest surf spots in South America

Highlights in Salvador

Besides a trip to the irresistible small town Lencois and it's nearby rock formations and waterfalls of the Chapada Diamantina National Park (with perfect trekking opportunities) there are so many things within Salvador one should see and do before leaving this wonderful city.

These include Museo Afro-Brasileiro, which gives a good insight into the time of the slave trade and its aftermath, when Salvador became the city it is today. Another place we can recommend is the Mercado Modelo, which is the city's largest market. Near the market you often see young men doing some capoeira, a special dance that originates from this area.

Also make sure to visit the Solar Unhão, somewhere in the bay Todos os Santos, where you can watch the most perfect sunset. And last but not least, one of Brazil's most famous churches, the Igreja do Nosso Senhor do Bonfim, a popular pilgrimage point - and almost as popular among tourists.


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