Sao Paulo

Travel to Sao Paolo, the biggest city in Brazil and South America!

Travel to Sao Paulo - South America's New York

Sao Paulo in southern Brazil is a an inferno of people, skyscrapers, traffic, and much more. The city is the largest in South America and also one of the largest cities in the world.

There are glittering skyscrapers and noisy cars in the streets. Sao Paulo is certainly no sleepy town. With its approximately 18 million people - depending on how much of the fast growing suburbs you count - it is the largest city in Brazil and South America. A lively metropol populated by people from countries all over the world.

Why Sao Paolo is truly South America's own New York City

There are plenty of museums with changing exhibitions, and usually also a good range of concerts. And for the same reason, Sao Paulo is often described as South America's answer to New York.

If you want to know what is happening, it may well pay off to go into one of the city's many shops and buy the weekly guide 'Guia - Da Folha', which gives a good overview of events and meetings. Just like New York, there are lots of people from all over the world as well as high-profile shopping.

Culture and shopping in Sao Paolo

One place that never disappoints is Museum de Arte de Sao Paulo, located on the busy Avenida Paulista. The building is an attraction in itself. A large box of glass, fastened a couple of meters above the ground on gigantic red-painted pillars. It almost looks like the whole building floats!

Meanwhile, Sao Paulo is also a city which people from all over Brazil go to shop. There are shops for every taste, both in terms of clothes, art, crafts and antiques. On Avienida Paulista are the more exclusive ones with expensive design. It is also here 'Shopping Ibirapuera' lies, one of Sao Paulo's oldest and most grandiose shopping centers. In the weekends flea markets are held all around. One of them is right next to the museum. There is also the 'Praca Benedito Calixto', one of the city's biggest flea markets.

Carnival in Sao Paolo

The climate in São Paulo is, like in all parts of Brazil, tropical with a temperature of 25 to 35 degrees celcius all year round, but winter here (from June to August) may have some cold nights and rain. Besides that, weather is pretty much great all year. If you get the opportunity, travelling to Sao Paulo during the carnival is highly recommended. The music roars off the streets while the giant parade wagons roll through the city, accompanied by wild procession of dancers in colorful costumes.

If you don't make the carnival, you might take revenge during the Gay Pride parade. Sao Paulo hosts the world's largest of it's kind, and there are usually more than three million participants in these celebrations. Put on your dancing shoes because this is really a blast!

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