Overview of Santiago - the capital of Chile

Travel to Chile - explore the unique wildlife

Exploring Chile is a memorable journey to nature lovers and hikers. Its dramatic nature is a natural wonder and one of a kind. You won’t get bored in this country since it offers plenty of activities to adventurous travelers. See the penguins, whales, Chilean fjords, snowy Andes and amazing coastal views.

Chile boarders with Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina, making it easy to travel from country to country. Chile stretches 4300 km from Peru to the Strait of Magellan. The geography of Chile is fascinating with ocean on your one side and the Andes Mountain on the other side.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago is the capital of the country, and it is a modern metropolis with one of the most dynamic economies in South America. Skyscrapers and vibrant city life makes an interesting contrast to the city of La Paz for example. There are so many things to see and explore in Chile, that you’ll probably want to continue your journey quite fast from Santiago de Chile.

What to experience in Chile?

Punta Arenas is Chile’s most southern city and it has long been attracting Antarctic research and tourist vessels. Antarctic Cruises take you to see penguin colony at Otway Sound as well as seals and whales in spectacular views.

San Pedro de Atacama is a small colonial village. There is great access to geysers, volcanoes, salt flats and lakes of the northern part of Chile from San Pedro de Atacama. Atacama desert is known for being the driest place on earth, and to many this is one of the top sights to see in Chile. You can also take a tour to the remote Valley of Moon.

Parque Nacional Lauca is a huge park, with herds of lama and alpaca and over 100 bird species. Lago Chungará is one of the world’s highest lakes, located at the foot of Payachata volcanos.

If you are into fjords, you can cruise trough Chilean fjords on a way from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales. The views won't leave you cold.

Easter Island (Rupa Nui) is located 3700 km West of Chilean mainland. Here you can feel the Polynesian wibe rather than Chilean. Easter Island is one of the most isolated in the world and it has a mystical image. Discover the huge rock statues Moais and don’t forget your camera.

Backpacker advice for Chile

The most popular backpacker destination is probably Parque Nacional Torres del Paine - especially from December to March. Not many people get to see a place like this, but those who do, won’t forget it. This park is hikers paradise with well-developed trail network as well as good campsites. The remote nature here is truly dramatic!! Make sure you have several days for hiking because you’ll want to spend some time here.

Lake district offers lots of interesting sites to see and activities for outdoor oriented traveler. You can stay in Puerto Montt and take day trips to Chiloe Island, or to the National Parks to see waterfalls, lakes and mountains. There are plenty of things to do; try your luck by fishing, hike the beautiful trails, go horse riding, mountain biking or canyoning.

Domestic air passes are really great since the distances in Chile are huge. Mid-December to Mid-March is high season so the prices are higher then.

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