San Pedro de Atacama

Go hiking by the geysers in San Pedro de Atacama

Travel to San Pedro de Atacama - The driest place on Earth!

San Pedro is a small village in northern Chile's dry Atacama Desert. This desert is not just dry, it is bone dry - in fact it is the driest place on earth. The area is deeply fascinating, and the opportunities to go on adventures are many. Book your trip to San Pedro with KILROY!

A strange village in strange surroundings

San Pedro de Atacama is a small village in the middle of a desert in northern Chile, near the border of Bolivia and with landscapes similar to those found in southwestern Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni): volcanoes, steaming geysers, impressive, strange rock formations and last but not least pink flamingos. This small town is often very full of tourists, and it's no wonder, because the area is really special. The village of San Pedro itself is a cozy little town with a handful of cafes, bars, restaurants and family-run hotels and guest houses.

San Pedro is considered to be the archaeological capital of Chile. If you like mummies and shamanic culture and history, we can recommend a visit to the Museo Gustavo Le Paige. Here you will find around 380,000 pre-Columbian Indian artifacts from the Atacameno culture. This museum is the perfect place if you want to learn a little more about the area's culture and history. Aldea De Tulor is the name of a 3,000 year old collection of ruins not far from San Pedro, and a perfect place for a day trip by bike from San Pedro. The area with its many sand dunes and sandstones is altogether perfect for mountain bike trips, which can be rented in many places in San Pedro. You should also see the beautiful white colonial church Iglesia San Pedro in the middle of the city - made of cactus wood and other art materials.

Star gazing in the Atacama Desert

Atacama is a great place. It is known as the driest place in the world and for many travelers one of the most unforgettable places - there is a good chance that your camera will work overtime here. It is also one of the best places in the world to look at stars. The sky is almost always clear and beautiful, so the starry sky is simply unsurpassed anywhere else. The area is home to a few major observatories, including one in Chajnantolies about 40 km from San Pedro. Definitely worth a visit. Salar de Atacama is an amazing sight, and you should also experience Laguna Chaxa, a salt lake Sanctuary where you can see flamingos nesting along with other exotic birds. It is advisable to go there at sunrise - the place is incredibly beautiful in the early morning while the birds are singing and eating.

El Tatio geysers

The geyser El Tatio is located about 80 km from San Pedro; an impressive place bursting with thermal activity and natural whirlpools. At sunset these distinctive steamy 'fumaroles' (as they are called locally) are most beautiful and amazing. Do not forget your swimsuit and bathe in the hot baths.

Valle de la Luna - Moon Valley


One of the best tours from San Pedro go to the peculiar Valle de la Luna, which is just 13 km from the city. Here, the nature is so subtle and breathtaking. The valley consists of a series of bizarre rock formations and spectacular desert landscapes, and as the name suggests, it offers magnificent views of the moon at night.

Activities in San Pedro

The magnificent desert landscapes here at San Pedro de Atacama offers good opportunities for different kinds of recreation - such as a horseback riding through the wild west-like landscapes, or how about sand boarding down steep sand dunes?

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