Santiago is surrounded by the sea, mountains and beautiful vineyards

Travel to Santiago - surfing and salsa dancing

The Chilean capital is an incredibly welcoming city. Unlike most cities in South America, it is fairly stylish, while it has lots of charm and exciting neighborhoods - and also some of the best vineyards and ski slopes just outside the city. Book your trip to Santiago with KILROY!

Santiago is a dynamic and modern city in central Chile. With five million inhabitants, the city is hectic and busy, yet extremely appealing and attractive. The city's financial center is full of skyscrapers, and on a clear day the skyline is incredibly beautiful with a backdrop of the Andes snowy mountain peaks, volcanoes and vineyards. And you'll find the tallest building in South America here; 'Constanera Center', a mega project of shopping centers, office buildings, a hotel and not at least a 300-meter high futuristic tower.

Squares and parks in Santiago

Santiago is full of lovely squares and parks. The central Plaza de Armas is where the locals gather and it is here you find the most interesting buildings, such as Catedral Metropolitan and the Gothic church of the Basilica del Salvador. Near here you will also find Santiago's most hip and bohemian neighborhood of Barrio Brasil, which on the surface may seem empty and sad, but under the surface offers chic bars and shops etc. This is where the young and fashion-conscious Chileans come.

When in Santiago you should also go to Plaza Brasil, where the locals love to hang out especially at weekends, and the equally lovely park Cerro Santa Lucia, with its fountains and cozy corners. Also Parque Metropolitano is a lovely green oasis that attracts lots of joggers and other exercisers. Take a ride on the cable car in this beautiful park and enjoy the view of the gardens, swimming pool and zoo. The swimming pool Piscina Tupahue is particularly worth a recommendation; it is located right on San Cristobal hill top and the view from here is very unique.

Art and History in Santiago

Santiago is not just beautiful on the surface, it also has many interesting museums and historical sights. Go to Museo Chileno De Arte Precolombiano that tells a great story about the country's indigenous people and its interesting past, from the time before the Spaniards took over. At Museo De Arte Contemporaneo there is an abundance of exhibitions of contemporary photographs, sculptures and electronic displays. If you like artwork by Yoko Ono and Miró, you should visit Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende in Barrio Brasil.

Food and wine in Santiago

Chile and Santiago is the place for those who love seafood and good wine. Many of the vineyards offer wine tasting. Some of Santiago's best restaurants (and clubs) are found in Bella Vista Patio - and seafood is particularly delicious here, and you should taste the local specialty ceviche, marinated shell fish.

Activities in Santiago de Chile

Santiago has a great location. Not only do you have the sea and vineyards close by, but you don't need to travel more than an hour before getting to some of the world's best ski areas. If you like water sports you should visit the seaside resort of Viña del Mar not far away - the absolute beach-favorite for the locals. Close by there is the surfing spot Pitchilemu, which is an absolute hotspot for surfers. At nighttime, it is time to try your best at one of the city's alluring and passionate salsa clubs. If you are not an expert dancer, there are plenty of places where you can take lessons at very low prices. Of course you can just look and be impressed by how good many of the local master this dance.

Transport, accommodation and seasons in Santiago

Santiago's subway is very modern, fast and convenient, and clearly the preferred way to travel around town. You can find a number of trendy hostel in the city with prices between 10 and 20 US dollars per night. If you want to experience Santiago in bloom, you should visit the city in the spring, i.e. from September to December. If you want to go skiing, you should come in winter from June to August.

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