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The Colombian capital Bogota is a fascinating city in true South American style. The city is full of lively streets filled with chaos, passion, urgency and exotic vibrations. The city offers thin mountain air, towering skyscrapers and beautiful buildings in colonial style - in addition to one of the world's best gold museums. Book your trip to Bogota with KILROY!

Bogota is located in 2600 meters altitude, so it's not unusual to get a little dizzy the first few days after arrival due to the thin mountain air. But it passes quickly, and then you'll quickly appreciate the city's many adventures and exciting attractions.

Bogota's famous mountain

Bogota is surrounded by rivers, and east of the city lies the majestic mountains. One of Bogota's most prominent landmarks are the white monastery with tall trees perched on top of the mountain Monserrate. From here you get spectacular views of the city. A trip here is a must for everyone visiting Bogota!

Bogota's Spanish roots

During a stay in Bogota you will hardly fail to notice the city's Spanish roots and its history of colonial rule. The town was founded in 1538 by the Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada after a tough confrontation with local Chibcha Indians. Remains of colonial times is still visible in the architecture of Bogota, especially in the old town where there are several older houses and beautiful churches.

Skyscrapers and green parks

Bogota is also a modern world metropolis with futuristic skyscrapers and modern office buildings, and houses more than 7 million inhabitants. The traffic is often chaotic, which is typical for South America, especially in narrow streets where you have to be prepared to navigate your way past both modern sports cars and slow donkeys. If you need a little peace and quiet you can just go to one of Bogota's many beautiful parks where you can relax on the grass with a good book. Those with an interest in history should not miss the well-stocked Gold Museum, where you can wander among jewels, gems and jewelry from the time before the Spaniards conquered the city. This exciting museum is for many travelers the highlight of their trip to Bogota.

Safety in Bogota

Bogota is not the world's safest city, and there is crime here - especially around the center and in the southern districts. Most hotels are therefore in the northern districts where there are fewer problems. You should generally exercise caution when moving around the city, and especially in the evenings and in neighborhoods like Zona Rosa and Parque 93rd.

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