Galapagos Islands

Sail around the beauitful islands of Galapagos.

Travel to Galapagos - the wildest of wildlife

The Galapagos Islands of Ecuador are in many ways a unique wildlife paradise. These remote volcanic islands are one of the very best places in the world to experience the wildest of wildlife and come very close to sea lions, iguanas, penguins, flamingos, turtles and much more. There is no doubt you will be stunned in sheer fascination by the many wonders Galapagos has to offer. Experience these magnificent groups of islands almost 1000 kilometres west of Ecuador and the South American mainland.

The sky is clear blue and the sun is high in the sky. You are walking through dry and barren cacti-filled landscapes, and suddenly, on the other side of a small hill you witness a surreal, pink scenario: A halfway dried-up lake on a reddish, clay-coloured bottom, filled with pink flamingos pecking at shrimps, which give these astonishing birds their well-known colour. You are on Floreana, one of the many interesting islands of Galapagos, and the scenario in front of you is so fantastic and dream-like, that it for a moment feels like a fata morgana. This is what the Galapagos is like; this IS real and the reality on Galapagos is amazing.

Unique ecosystems in Galapagos

By closer examination you will discover that these many magical islands outside of Ecuador are far from alike. Every single of these from a distance uniform looking islands has something very special and unique to offer.
Actually each of them is so unique and vulnerable, you most likely will experience while going on a boat around the islands, that the guide will kindly ask you to rinse the sand off your feet each time you leave one island before you go to the next. Yes, this is how special and sensitive these islands are. Bringing a few grains of sand from one island to the other can make chaos in the delicate ecosystem that characterizes each island and which is different from the ecosystems of all the other islands.

One soon understands, why the islands for many years have had high priority on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and why Charles Darwin used the nature and wildlife on Galapagos as the main example in his famous theory on evolution.

Try not to get spit on by the lazy iguanas of the Galapagos

It’s not difficult to get into a very special spirit and condition on Galapagos. A condition of gratefulness and awe, ecstasy and astonishment. To step onto one of these islands or to dive under the surface of the waters surrounding them, is like turning a stone and discover that it underneath is swarming with all kinds of interesting life. The islands have each their own wonders and highlights, but something you will come across everywhere are the ubiquitous and lazy marine iguanas, who sprawl on every piece of rock they can find. So watch your step – though the worst thing they might do is to spit seawater after you (which seems to be their favourite occupation). 

Impressive wildlife and incredible scenaries

When you get fed up with the lazy and spitting marine iguanas, there is luckily an abundance of other impressive wildlife experiences to marvel at: a mating dance between a couple of blue footed boobies, tactless frigate birds with their throats blown up to balloon size, dramatic fights between sea lions, diving penguins, enormous turtles on land and in the sea. The Galapagos also offers a stunning landscape and incredible sceneries, which makes this place something on its very own: lagoons, quicksand, volcanoes, marvellous beaches in many colours, lava formations, moon-like landscapes and so much more.

Travel to Galapagos - before it's too late!

Travelling to South America and the Galapagos gives you experiences so magical and memorable, that everything else for a long time afterwards seems meaningless and unimportant. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip today!

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