French Guiana

French Guiana is an unexplored paradise

Travel to French Guiana - a South American secret

French Guiana is located in South America on the Atlantic Ocean, bordering Brazil and Suriname. In the southern part of the country you will find mountains and otherwise it is dominated by many rivers in the tropical rainforest. French Guiana is a tropical and uncharted territory in the northern part of South America. KILROY's travel consultants can help you arrange a trip to French Guiana.

French Guiana is particularly known for its gold mines and until the earlier 1950s, a colony for convicts, particularly on the famous Devil's Island.

In French Guiana, you can also find a space station for space research. The Space Center is located near the city of Kourou. If you want to experience the 'Secret South America' it is recommended to visit French Guiana in connection with a visit to South America and Suriname.

The connection to France

French Guiana has been part of France since 1667 and is today a French department and part of the EU. Most of the food is imported from France who also supports the country with development projects to improve the country's agriculture. Tourism in the country is still very limited, so if you want adventure French Guiana is a good choice. You should be aware that it can be expensive to shop in French Guiana since most products are imported, but there's a lot of exciting adventures awaiting since much of the country is unexplored.


The population of French Guiana

There are only about 200,000 residents in French Guiana. Most live along the coast. Half of the residents are descendants of African slaves and only four percent are descendants of Indians. The main language is French, but there are several local dialects and languages.

French Guiana nature and jungle

In the rainforest of French Guiana, there are still communities that have little or no contact with the outside world. And although hospitals and schools along the coastline of the country is more or less at the same level as in an industrialized country, French Guiana is not an easy place to travel around. There is, for example, only a few hundred kilometers of roads, but if you're into adventure and love the thrill of traveling places where others rarely go, then Guiana is the ideal choice. The country is unexplored, wild and you certainly can get 'off the beaten track.


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