The impressive Kaieteur Falls in Guyana

Travel to Guyana - Exotic and Exciting

Guyana in northern South America is a paradise for animal lovers. Here you will find exotic animals, tropical rain forests and beautiful waterfalls. In comparison to the amount of amazing nature experiences, there are not many people. The population is low in this former British colony, but the atmosphere is beautiful. Geographically, the country is only slightly larger than Great Britain. Book your trip to Guyana with KILROY.

In 1660 the Dutch people came to Guyana which was afterwards was taken over by the British. In 1966 the country became independent, but because of the British influence; English is still the main language in Guyana and the only country in South America where English is the main language. The culture in Guyana is much more Caribbean than South-American and you will love the mentality in this country.

If you dream of endless sandy beaches and crytal clear ocean, then Guyana is not the country you should be visiting. The coast is mostly covered with swamps and rivers. There is a completely different adventure awaiting you in Guyana. If you are adventurous and want to travel to where most people don't go, then you should opt for Guyana as part of your trip around the world.

Guyanese major rivers and the capital Georgetown

Guyana has three major rivers that run through the country. They are called Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice. The capital Georgetown is where Demerara flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The atmospere is very relaxed in Georgetown. You will find old but well-preserved wooden houses from the colonial era, parks and the large Stabroek market where the visitor can experience an inferno of shouting and screaming vendors selling everything your heart desires. Georgetown has a rich cultural life, delicious restaurants and great nightlife, and Georgetown is just the beginning of your trip to Guyana.

Caribbean vibes in Guyana

Guyana has a reputation as a country with political and economic instability, corruption, ethnic conflict and lack of human rights. The country is also known for being the country between South American drug industry and resale in the Western world. On the contrary, the locals in Guyana are happy and positive and their typical Caribbean 'joie de vivre' can only get you in a good mood. Additionally, there are many attractions and nature experiences that await the adventurous.

Waterfall Kaieteur - Guyana's top attraction

Head south to the rainforest and visit Iwokrama Reserve. Perhaps you'll spot a jaguar or puma. You can also fly into the rainforest where barefoot 'vaqueros' or cowboys take care of their cattle. Or you can go against the stream on the Potaro River and pave your way to Guyana's most spectacular tourist attraction Kaieteur waterfall. The foam from the water, rumble and floodwaters are majestic and the waterfall has a drop of 226 meters. Kaieteur Falls is the highlight for many travelers to Guyana.

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