A poisonous blue frog in Suriname

Travel to Suriname - An overlooked gem

In the northern part of South America lies the lush Suriname; a country that offers great nature experiences. Here are several rushing rivers and forests spread over about 96 percent of the republic, for the same reason it is quite sparsely populated. Book your trip to Suriname with KILROY!

A trip to Suriname is nothing like anything else you get to try in your life. This country is wild and unspoiled with large, secluded areas, surrounded by Brazil, Guyana and French Guiana. Most of Suriname's inhabitants live on the north coast near the capital Paramaribo. Paramaribo is located about twenty kilometers from the place where the Suriname river flows into the Atlantic. The climate is tropical and the average temperature is between 26 and 29 degrees year round.

Dutch heritage of Suriname

If you walk around in Paramaribos sunny streets, you'll find relics from the colonial era, including road signs with Dutch names and ancient houses in Dutch style.

Paramaribo was named capital when the country became independent in 1975, but the city was already established in the 1640s by French colonists and was a short period in British hands before it was taken over by the Dutch in the 1660s.

Today, the official language in Suriname is still Dutch. The culture is very multicultural, which can be heard in the distinctive Afro-Caribbean music and the special jazz tradition that flourishes in Suriname. And on a trip here, it's hard not to be fascinated by the cheerful, catchy music and the good vibes encountered here. And do not miss the exciting jungles full of wildlife, which feature capybaras, monkeys, parrots and colorful frogs!

The world's largest wooden church

In Paramaribo you will find the Caribbean's largest mosque and the famous Catholic Peter and Paul Cathedral, which is reportedly the world's largest wooden church. It was completed in 1885th.

The town has a large selection of restaurants and a wide range of shops. Expect a lot of life and good moods.

Travel around Suriname

Traveling around Suriname is an adventure in itself. It is not the easiest thing in the world to travel around in Suriname. If you would like to go further into this dense forest and river-filled country, you often have to travel by plane or boat. An obvious option is to participate in one of the exciting adventure tours, you can book through KILROY.

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