Relax on the beach in Montevideo. Play a game of volleyball or take a dip in the ocean.

Travel to Montevideo - City life and beautiful beaches

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, one of the smallest countries in South America. It is also the only big city in Uruguay, located in the southern part of the country. Montevideo is beautifully located right by the Atlantic Ocean and attracts people from far and near with it's excellent beaches and charming city life.

If you are traveling to Montevideo, you will quickly discover that the locals here are quite the eager beach visitors. They truly enjoy a refreshing dip, sand between their toes and love to relax in the sun. The subtropical climate provides good opportunities for this pretty much all year around, and Montevideo is blessed by these glorious pleasures combined with a typical big-city life containing shopping and nightlife, right on the east coast of South America.

Travel to Uruguay and enjoy the beach life in Montevideo

There is much else to do on the beach in Montevideo than just to to lie down. If you are interested in water sports, there's plenty to keep you occupied. Among other things windsurfing under the very often, clear blue sky. But if you prefer to stay on land, you can quickly get the pulse up with a game of beach volleyball with the locals.

Montevideo has a large harbour where you can enjoy the view of the atlantic ocean or have a meal at the century-old El Mercado del Puerto, a restaurant complex where locals are relaxing, drinking wine and chatting over the tables. Here you will find the true Montevideo atmosphere. 

Culture in Uruguay and beautiful Montevideo

Montevideo has on the whole a rich cultural life. Going for a walk around the different neighborhoods, you will both encounter shady spots with benches, shopping malls, skyscrapers and interesting old buildings covered with marble. You’ll also get plenty of opportunities to rest your feet or quench your thirst, it is not hard to find cozy cafes and restaurants.

Tango bars and modern discos. Find the perfect nightlife in Montevideo

The night life is definitely worth a try while staying in Uruguay and especially in Montevideo. Here is something for everyone. Both for those who are looking for a nice tangobar, relaxing bars and pubs but also for those who prefer one of the ultra-modern night clubs with pounding house music.

Why not also take a trip to Argentina while visiting Uruguay?

Many people who travel to Uruguay also very often visit it's neighbor country Argentina. The capital called Buenos Aires is located right on the other side of the bay, and it is rarely a problem to find a boat that can take you back and forth. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip now!

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