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KILROY compare flight prices from all major airlines to give you the best possible flight fare. We also specialize in flexible flight tickets for students, backpackers and world travellers of all ages. Book online or ask our travel experts for flight offers, tours, accommodation and local transport.

Cheap flight tickets (for all ages)

Standard flight tickets are valid for all who need a return or one-way airfare. Cheap standard flight tickets are found anywhere on the internet - also at KILROY where our online booking system is hooked up to all the major airlines of the world and updated daily with deals and the latest campaign fares.

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Why not leave it up to your budget or interests to find the best flight fares and destinations? Try our map search tool and get the full picture!

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KILROY tickets (for ISIC card holders - youth and students)

KILROY tickets are flexible and are suitable for those who want the freedom and the flexibility to change their tickets. Often it will also be possible to change the itinerary before and during your journey. This type of ticket is for ISIC card holders - young people under 25 years and full time students up to 33 years. You must be in possession of a valid ISIC card (International Student Identity Card) or an IYTC card (International Youth Travel Card) to purchase this type of youth and student ticket. KILROY tickets are suitable for long backpacking trips, round the world flights, gap year travel and study abroad.

Combination Tickets

For those not looking for a simple flight ticket from A to B, there are combination tickets. With these tickets you combine multiple destinations and flights in one ticket. Combinations tickets and fares can be very difficult to find online unless you're a hardcore expert. At KILROY we are experts. Let us help you.


A stopover is typically just about spending time in an airport while you wait for your next flight to depart. But wait, there are other options. Depending on the ticket and the airline, you can often make an extended stopover (several days or weeks) for free or for a small fee. Popular stopovers include destinations such as: Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Miami and New York. Extended stopovers are not bookable online, so please contact a KILROY travel expert if you would like to spice up your journey with an extended stopover.

Round the world travel, gap year travel and year tickets

KILROY's main specialty is within the field of round the world flight tickets and flight tickets for backpackers, students and gap-year travelers. Unlike return flights, a round the world tickets is assembled by several one-way flights from multiple airlines and alliances. There are literally hundreds of world routes to pick from, so let your creativity run wild and we will get to work.