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2 continents, 1 trip! Action packed jungle and wildlife adventure in Indonesia and Malaysia. Then you head Down Under. First, you’re part of a small group adventure tour uncovering the East Coast of Australia, and later you’ll find yourself touring all of New Zealand on the popular Grand Kiwi tour. Head back to Asia and uncover the modern and imperial backroads of Japan.

Flight route:

Europe – Dubai – Kuala Lumpur – Brisbane - Cairns // Sydney – Christchurch // Auckland – Osaka // Tokyo – Europe

// = travel on your own or as part of a tour

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1. Dubai, UAE

Dubai is everything in one place. You can ski, visit the beach, sandsurf and shop. Book your hotel and hostel here and spend your days and nights in this modern hub of the Middle East. Food is excellent and so is the weather. You'll enjoy Dubai!

2. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Petronas Towers are waiting for you. In Kuala Lumpur you have amazing shopping waiting for you and the restaurants are simply too good to miss. You should consider paying Borneo a visit. It's only 3 hours away by plane. We have amazing tours in Malaysia here.

3. Brisbane, Australia

In Brisbane the weather is always great so don't forget your thongs/flip-flops. Take a surf course, rent a campervan and drive up to the Great Barrier Reef where diving is top-class! Diving is both for beginners and advanced divers.

4. Cairns, Australia

Rent a campervan and drive up to Cape Tribulation for amazing nature sights. Beware of the saltwater crocks! Jump in the water with our amazing diving tours and dive in Great Barrier Reef - an experience of a lifetime. You can see all of our cool tours in Cairns here!

5. Sydney, Australia

Sydney! Wow! You gotta enjoy the sight at the harbour, Bondi Beach and the Opera House. Join our super fun surf camp, do a skydive or rent a campervan and start your journey in the amazing 'land down under'. Australia cannot be missed!

6. Christchurch, New Zealand

Amazing nature is about to be explored. Pick up your campervan and GO! You can also travel cheap and buy a bus pass, join a surfcamp or travel through New Zealand on a 'off the beaten track' adventure tour with other adventurous travelers

7. Auckland, New Zealand

You're on the North island and you better get excited. Go on a movie tour and see where Lord of the Rings and Hobitton was filmed, join one of our awesome tours and explore more than what 'normal' tourists do or rent a campervan and go on your own.

8. Osaka, Japan

Japan will one of your highlights. With a Japan rail pass you can explore Japan. We also have extremely interesting adventure tours that will give you insider knowledge of Japan. Eat sushi, visit hot springs and be prepared to get crazy adventures in Japan.

9. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is WOW! See our fantastic adventure tours in Tokyo and Japan here and if you wish to see more of Japan, we recommend you to book a rail pass of either 7, 14 or 21 days.


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