Multi stop The Ozzie Way

Multi stop The Ozzie Way
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  • ✈️ Includes all airport taxes
  • ✈️ Valid for 12 months
  • ✈️ ISIC Card
  • ✈️ All booking fees
This route is perfect for all of you who really want to explore and travel in and around Australia. Emirates takes you all the way and offers you some great stopovers along the way.

Enjoy stopovers in Dubai, Bali and Singapore before you make your way further to Australia. Spend some time here and discover what these cool places have got to offer or travel around and explore other places in Indonesia and Malaysia. After your adventures here you are all ready and set to head of to Australia for the other part of your trip. After spending some time in and around Melbourne and Adelaide, road trip your way to Sydney. On the way back, make a stop in Thailand and relax before you will be heading back home. 

Do you want to add some more stopovers along the way and/or discover more from Australia? Then go with Emirates! They have a very big network offering you numerous possibilities in Asia and Australia where you can mix and match. 

Places you will visit

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Indonesia 
  • Malaysia
  • Australia
  • Thailand

Flight route

✈️ Home - Dubai - Bali - Singapore - Melbourne - Adelaide // Sydney - Bangkok - Phuket - Dubai - Home

Australia _Emirates _ozzie -multistop

// or pink = No flight, travel on your own

Add or change destinations

Remember, this multi stop ticket is only a route proposal for your big trip. If you would like to visit other destinations than suggested, built and send us your own route. If you want some advice or tips when designing your worldtrip, get in contact with one of our travel consultants and they will be happy to help and give you some great insider travel advice. 

This ticket is a flexible youth and student ticket, meaning that it can be booked by students up to 33 years and young people up to 25 years. Don’t worry if you are not a student anymore or older than 25. In most cases, it is possible to book this route, but other conditions may apply.

This multi stop ticket is valid for 12 months.

What if I want to change my ticket?
You are welcome to send us a ticket change request, in case you wish to change your travel date or route. Keep in mind that ticket changes are always dependent on availability and therefore cannot be guaranteed.