Round the world and multi stop flights - Questions and Answers

We know you have a ton of questions about round the world travel and have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here.

What's included in the price?

Only the flight tickets, the booking fee and the ISIC card are included in the price. However, we have a lot of suggestions for add-on tours, activities and travel related products and services which most travelers will need at some time during their trip. The price of round the world tickets and multi stop tickets is per person.

Is accommodation included in the price?

No, arrival packages, hotels and hostel stays are not included in the price. However, we are here to help and we recommend that you add a few of our arrival packages (airport transfer + a few nights of accommodation) for your first nights at each new destinations. More info on arrival packages

How much time should I set aside for my trip?

Round the world and multi stop trips may be done in a few months, but we recommend a little longer if you would like to enjoy the full benefits of each destination and stick to our tour and local transport suggestions. As a rule of thumb it takes at least two months to really get under the skin of a single continent, and if you are visiting several continents or regions in one trip, you can do the math! For round the world trips with at least 3 continents we recommend 4-6 months. Maximum travel duration is one year! More info on trip length

Can I change my plans along the way?

We understand the need for changing plans on the go - that's why we recommend our KILROY tickets for youth and students for all round the world and multi stop itineraries. You can change the travel date on most of these tickets, and route changes are often possible. Change of travel date or route is always dependent on availability. A fee is charged. More info on changing plans and flight tickets

When should I book my round the world / multi stop ticket?

You can book your flight tickets as early as 10-11 months before departure. For optimal prices and flexibility we recommend to book no later than 4-6 months before departure.

"Travel on your own" - What does that mean?

In the route summary of each round the world / multi stop trip you will see the term "Travel on your own". It means that we have not included any planned flights for those sections of the trip - in most cases because it makes sense to travel over land and experience the destination and local culture. If you do not wish to make your own way, let us know and we can suggest alternative travel, such as our add-on adventure group tours. More info on tours and activities

Can I do round the world / multi stop trips alone?

No problem. Our round the world and multi stop itineraries are designed for individual travel. However, most of our first-time travelers go along with a friend or in a small group of friends to share the unique experiences as well as responsibilities. If you travel on your own and chose to add one of our adventure tours, you will for sure meet new friends along the way. More info on travel companions

Suggested add-on tours and activities during your trip

For each of our round the world and multi-stop itineraries you will see our suggestions for add-on tours and activities. If you want more inspiration you can always get in touch with our travel experts. They have travelled on several continents and would love to discuss your travel plans with you.

More questions?

For even more information about round the world travel and travel tips please see our travel guide.

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