Emirates - Youth and Student flight ticket

Emirates has a fantastic network that allows you to make several stopovers on your way to Asia, Australia and New Zealand at no extra charges (except the extra airport taxes, which are small amounts). With Emirates, it is always possible to stopover in Dubai, but there are many more options such as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

The Emirates/KILROY Youth & Student ticket is valid for 12 months. It is generally cheaper than other tickets because we have lower fares, but also because you do not pay extra for stop-overs and complex routings. With the Emirates/KILROY ticket you have the flexibility to change your travel date and route against a fee (subject to availability on the new flight you request).

Things you should know about the Emirates/KILROY Youth and Student ticket

  • If you have a valid ISIC card or if you are under the age of 26 you can get the Emirates/KILROY Youth and Student ticket.
  • You can change all KILROY Emirates Youth & Student tickets before or after departure. Just contact KILROY via phone or our website.
  • You do not pay extra for flexibility. In fact, prices for youth & students are lower than regular prices and even the cheapest Emirates tickets are flexible.
  • Emirates tickets can be booked as one-way journeys or return.
  • With Emirates youth & student airfares, KILROY can create itineraries that have multiple stopovers in Africa, Asia and Australia. 

Emirates/KILROY multi-stop and round the world examples

The Emirates/KILROY Youth & Student fares can be combined so you get to visit several destinations in the same ticket, at no extra charge. These itineraries cannot be booked anywhere on the internet. Instead, please contact one of our experienced travel experts.

There are countless multi-stop combinations, here are some of the most popular:

Emirates multi-stop example 01: Middle East, Indian Ocean, Asia

Emirates Multi Stop Suggestion 01Home - Dubai - Maldives - Colombo - Singapore // Bangkok - Dubai - Home

Emirates multi-stop example 02: Middle East and Asia

Emirates Multi Stop Suggestion 02Home - Dubai - Bangkok - Hong Kong // Beijing - Dubai - Home

Emirates multi-stop example 03: Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand

Emirates Multi Stop Suggestion 03Home - Dubai - bangkok - Sydney - Christchurch // Auckland - Singapore - Dubai - Home

Emirates multi-stop example 04: Middle East, Asia, Australia

Emirates Multi Stop Suggestion 04Home - Dubai - Bangkok - Melbourne - Alice Springs - Cairns // Sydney - Duabi - Home

Emirates multi-stop example 05: Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand

Emirates Multi Stop Suggestion 05Home - Dubai - Bangkok - Sydney - Christchurch // Auckland - Sydney - Manila - Dubai - Home 

// = travel on your own


How to book Emirates/KILROY Youth and Student tickets

You can book Emirates/KILROY one-way and return tickets through our website (simple point to point journeys). If you are looking for complex itineraries with stop-overs, please contact our travel experts.

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The Emirates experience


Inflight entertainment

No matter where you’re seated on the Emirates flight, you can access more than 1000 channels of entertainment, from news to movies to interactive games and live cameras on entertainment system.

  • Information: Follow the progress of your flight, or take in the view from the aircraft’s external cameras. Keep in touch with live feeds, news and sport headlines, and read up on Dubai and the Emirates.
  • Communications: Phone, SMS and email from your seat, or call friends and family seated elsewhere on the aircraft.
  • Entertainment: Over 1,500 channels of premium entertainment to keep you busy during the flight. The latest and best movies, television, audio and games from around the world.   


Emirates fleet

Emirates operate one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world. And regular upgrades mean that they will continue to provide passengers with a superior flight experience. The Emirates fleet contains 206 planes made up of 195 passenger planes (including the A380) and 11 cargo planes.

Emirates inflight Entertainment


Video: Emirates A380 First 3C-Check