In Search Of: Eating head to toe in Nanjing

Rasmus is a guy who knows his way around a kitchen, and he is an expert when it comes to Nordic cuisine. Yet, if you challenged him to make an authenthic Chow Mein he wouldn't know where to begin. That's why we brought him to China in search of some Chinese flavors!

Rasmus Lund is a Danish chef who previously worked as the head-chef at the critically acclaimed Restaurant Kjøbenhavn in the centre of Copenhagen. Today he works with Claus Meyer in New York where he’s currently introducing Nordic cuisine to tourists and New Yorkers on an everyday basis. Clearly, Rasmus knows his way around the kitchen. However, while he is an expert on Nordic cuisine, the true flavors of China is foreign to him. He has heard a lot about the authentic Chinese cuisine, but has never been to China. For that reason, he is eager to broaden his food horizon by learning from the local Chinese street markets. Watch as Rasmus travels to Nanjing in China in search of authentic Chinese flavors!  



About the Chinese cuisine

China has a strong food culture, where every region has its own way of preparing the food. Moreover, China has one of the most distinct food cultures in the world, using ingredients that are so foreign to most of us in the western world that we can hardly imagine eating it. Yet, as Rasmus so nicely puts it, to them these flavors are part of a long tradition. In fact, in many cases, a Chinese dish’s origin dates thousands of years back in time. Just imagine what an exciting thing it is to be able to explore a cuisine that is unlike anything else we know.

Discover China

China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, where history and traditions run deep. However, as one of the fastest growing economies in the world it is also a modern and innovative country. From huge and massively populated cities like Beijing and Shanghai to rural villages surrounded by breathtaking nature, China is as diverse as it is big. There are enough places and things to explore in this country to keep you busy for a lifetime. Start your exploration of China here

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