In Search Of: Pantsula dancing in the townships

Mariama Slåttøy is a Norwegian dancer. For the last ten years, she’s been dancing professionally in theater, musicals, and music videos. Now, she is ready to challenge herself with a dance style that will take her out of her comfort zone. A dance style that goes so fast that she might have trouble keeping up! Watch Mariama as she travels to South Africa and Johannesburg in search of the indigenous music and dance culture called Pantsula.



About Pansula - the coolest dance you’ve never heard of!

Pantsula originated in the township of Soweto, just outside of Johannesburg, as a symbol of the black resistance against the Apartheid in the 50’s. However, in the 90’s it got popular among the general public and today the dance is a positive symbol for embracing the roots of the South African culture.

Pantsula is highly energetic dance style and it goes extremely fast at times. Due to its origin, the movements are meant to tell a story, and being able to portray the story through the steps is an important part of being a Pantsula dancer. The same applies for the clothing, because when dancing Pantsula, nothing is left to chance.

Discovering South Africa

South Africa is a country of contrasts and diversity. A country that has incredibly much to offer in addition to its exciting Pantsula culture! It is the perfect destination for nature and animal lovers, as well as those in search of delicious cusine and exiting culture. Moreover, it is an excellent destination for surfers, fitness freaks and adrenaline junkies. Quite simply, South Africa has something for everyone, and we can tailor-make the perfect trip for you. Start exploring South Africa here.

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