• Oct03

    5 hot activities in Thailand you shouldn't miss!

    There is no doubt that Thailand is a paradise on earth! The magnificent country has it all: Great hospitality, beautiful nature, stunning wildlife, some of the best beaches in the world, remote islands, delicious food and to top it all, it's value for money! Really, what's not to like?

    Thailand has been a magnet for tourists in recent years, especially during high season which is from December to April where people seek to escape the cold winter. And we sure understand why! The land of smile has an incredible welcoming atmosphere and compared to many other countries, you'll get much more value for your money here. If you are looking to spice up your Thailand experience with some great adventures, continue reading this!

    KILROY presents 5 hot activities to do while in Thailand.

    1. Diving in Thailand
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  • Oct01

    14 reasons why you should NOT visit Thailand

    By Even
    Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for backpackers from all over the world. It's truly an amazing place. So why on earth would we tell you NOT to go there? Well, read on and find out if there's any meaning to this gibberish at all...

    1. Way too many beaches

    Thailand has some of the best beaches in the ... Read more
  • Oct01

    A trek not to miss in the beautiful northern Thailand

    Thailand is a lot of things, but it is one thing in particular: beautiful! If you're a nature lover, and dream of trekking in the most spectacular surroundings, this is a trek you don't want to miss!

    Thailand, and especially the area surrounding Chiang Mai, is famous for its beautiful treks, that is a great... Read more
  • Oct01

    5 volunteer projects in Thailand you should know about!

    Make a difference by participating in a volunteer program in Thailand. This is your opportunity to experience the Thai culture and volunteer in a meaningful way. To get the most out of your Thailand experience, volunteer first and then do tours and activities afterwards.

    We offer volunteering in Thailand within community, nat... Read more
  • Oct01

    Experience incredible Thailand in 15 amazing days!

    So, you want to experience Thailand, but can't choose between the lush jungles up north and the beautiful beaches down south? Why not just enjoy full package? 15 amazing days all Around the Land of Smiles! Sounds good? Read on!

    This tour takes you from the bustling capital of Bangkok and further up north to Chiang Mai for so... Read more
  • Sep14

    Unforgettable adventures in the Australian Outback

    If you dream about experiencing the authentic and raw Australia, we really understand you. There is no such thing as just unplugging from your busy everyday life in order to fully recharge the batteries. Let us help you getting there! 

    Right now you'll get a great chance to experience the most beautiful sunsets, ... Read more
  • Sep04

    The best tips for your road trip adventure in Australia

    By Ann
    Australia is the perfect place for a road trip. You have the freedom to travel at your own pace and will pass the most amazing nature, cities and sceneries along the way to your next destination. Below we put together some good tips for your road trip in Australia so you don't have to waste time searching it all online.
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  • Sep04

    10 Things that should be at the top of your Australian bucket list

    By Aurora
    We never get tired of Australia, dreaming about surfing the east coast, sailing and snorkelling in Whitsundays and Sydney city life. But what about the Northern Territory and South Australia? Here are 10 activities in the Northern Territory and South Australia that should be a part of your plan when... Read more
  • Aug02

    Volunteering and diving in the Seychelles

    Do you love to dive? Imagine yourself being able to collect karma points while diving - yes, it is possible! In addition you will be on a paradise Island where you can relax under the palm trees, sunbathe on white sandy beaches, explore an unbelievable wildlife and nature, eat mangos and bananas directly from the trees and last but n... Read more
  • Aug02

    Road trip in South Africa - What an epic way to see this beautiful country

    How many do you know that have done a road trip in South Africa? We know about it and can promise you it is epic, an experience of a lifetime! The impressions you get on the way is hard to describe with words. It is a country of beauty, contrasts and full of adventures.  

    One of the smoothest ways to get there is ... Read more