Are you thinking of travelling solo?

Are you thinking of travelling solo?

If you dream about backpacking for an extended period of time, but can't find anyone to travel with then this shouldn't stop you. Heaps of backpackers travel solo and if you decide to go you might be surprised of the benefits.

There are plenty of advantages when travelling alone: Most solo travellers meet more new people than those travelling with a friend. Solo travellers have a weird way of spotting each other. When you travel solo you also have the advantage of doing exactly what you want. If you want to sleep late you can do that and if you feel like staying an extra day or two you only have yourself to convince.

Travelling solo isn't always easy though. You should prepare yourself mentally for being in situations where you would wish that you had someone else with you. It can be on a train ride with lots of stares from locals or when you arrive late at night in a strange city. Don't let this scare you from travelling solo. If you are open minded you will discover that you can manage and travelling solo might even give you a confidence boost.

Join a small group adventure

If you are a bit scared about travelling alone we recommend that you book an adventure tour in the country you are going to. KILROY's tours are always in small groups and you can choose to join adventure tours with people your own age. Several travellers have told us that they found friends for life on some of our adventure tours. Another benefit of joining a group is that there is a big chance that you meet other travellers going in the same direction as you after the tour has finished. The guides on our adventure tours know the local culture and this will also make your first few days in a new country a lot easier.

See our small group adventure tours for young people
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Solo female travellers

If you are a female you might think that travelling solo can't be done, but if you give it a go you will discover that people take extra care of you because you are a girl. That being said you should always think about where and when you go out. Solo female travellers should also take extra care of how they dress (this means no cleavages and short skirts in some parts of the world) - Just to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Have you travelled solo? Then leave a tip for others that considers to do the same thing in the comment field below. We love great advice!


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