Get the most out of your gap year

Get the most out of your gap year

You have just finished school and the whole world is at your feet. Congratulations! Before starting a university career you might need a break from the books. And this is where a gap year comes into the picture. Get new impressions, learn more about what you want in life, expand your network and grow new friendships!

If you don’t know where to start or what you want to experience there is no need to worry. Get an overview of your options below.

Go on Working Holiday in your gap year

Go on a Working Holiday in Canada, Australia or New Zealand and earn money while you travel. The most important thing to consider when choosing the destination of your Working Holiday adventure is what type of work you want and how you want to spend your free time. In Australia, it is easy to get to work on a cattle farm or with fruit picking, Canada has many ski resorts and New Zealand has many jobs in the hostel industry.

Benefits of Working Holiday 

  • earn money while you travel and be away for a longer time.
  • gain work experience.
  • Learn about another culture from the inside and get in touch with the locals.

Volunteering abroad

Volunteers can work on various projects around the world. Would you like to work with threatened or distressed animals in Africa, Asia or South America or would you rather do community work in an orphanage, school, or on a construction project? It's great to help others, and a lot of people have told us that volunteering abroad was as a life changing experience.

Before we send you out to one of our volunteer projects we talk to you about your expectations and we also give you a thorough introduction to what is expected from you as a volunteer. 

Benefits of volunteering abroad

You experience how other people live in poorer parts of the world. This might give you a whole new perspective of your life at home. Get to know the local culture. Helping others is a rewarding experience.  

Spend your gap year backpacking around the world

If you like the idea of traveling the world with nothing but a backpack then backpacking is your way of travel. You can choose to travel around the world on a route planned from home or to leave everything open and decide you destiny along the way. We recommend something in between. Book a flexible around the world ticket and extend or shorten your stay when it suits you. You can also choose to focus on a single continent or country and get a more in-depth insight into how life is lived in that country.

Travel on your own and meet other backpackers on your way or hook up with like-minded friends. A good way to start you backpacking adventure is to book a group adventure for young people. You’ll meet other travelers you own age and you might even make friends for life.

Benefits of backpacking

  • You have the flexibility to change your destinationalong the way. This is your year. The world is open and you can do as you want!
  • See different parts of the world in on go or spend a longer period at one destination.
  • Meet people from all over the world.


Learn something new during your gap yar

Your gap year is your chance to learn surfing, diving, kitesurfing, Spanish or something totally different.

Save up before the gap year

A lot of people spend the first half year of their gap year working. Some people have a full time job and a part time job on the side while living at their parents. The benefit of working two jobs is that you will not have time to spend your hard earned money so everything you earn will be saved for travelling.

For your birthday or Christmas you can wish for gifts related to traveling: Why don’t you put a travel insurance, a gift card for the flight ticket or a good backpack on your wishlist?

Where to start your gap year?

Our skilled travel consultants have traveled on at least 3 continents and a prerequisite to be hired as a travel consultant at KILROY is an extensive backpacker experience. They know everything there is to know about planning your gap year so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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