19 reasons why you should not visit Fiji

  • 27 March 2017
  • By Erna
19 reasons why you should not visit Fiji

You might have heard the travel stories - white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal clear water, tropical waterfalls, friendly locals and colorful umbrella drinks. Yes, they are all true, Fiji is a tropical paradise with over 300 amazing islands but there are couple of things we need to warn you about.

1. You have probably imagined yourself lying in a hammock on a white sandy beach. It sounds like a dream but be careful it can be a challenge to get in and out of that swinging thing.

Fiji -waya -lailai

2. You are going to annoy all your friends with amazing waterfall pictures on Instagram. You might even get one that is similar to the shampoo commercials where they wash their hair in a gorgeous waterfall surrounded by colorful flowers.

Amazing waterfalls in Fiji

3. There is a possibility that you are going to lose all your money betting on a crab race.

Crab race in Fiji

4. They say that they "used to" practice cannibalism in Fiji but keep in mind that people are still able to buy the four-pronged wooden forks, a nod to Fiji's cannibalistic past, at the village craft and souvenir stalls.

Yes they used to practice cannibalism

5. In addtion, you will hear all those strange and gruesome cannibalistic stories. And just in case, do not touch the head of Fijian as it is still a big no no even though you will not be punished by becoming the dinner.

You will hear strange cannibalistic stories

6. The Beqa´s fire walkers! Do I need to say more - who in their right mind does that?

The Beqa´s fire walkers!

7. In Fiji, many houses do not have doors, buses do not have windows and the police do not carry guns. 

Policemen in Fiji

8. But you will see large muscular men casually carrying a machete as they walk down the road. But don't worry, they only hunt sugar canes!

Men with machete in Fiji

9. Kava - the important cultural and social custom in Fiji. Yes, you will experience the taste of mud water and it will make your tongue numb. Why put yourself in this situation?

Taste the kava - Fiji

10. Do you not like the heat? The lowest temperature in Fijis is about 18 degrees at night.

Amazing sunset in Fiji

11. You will get tempted to register for a fitness course while experiencing the Fijian atmosphere. Who wants that?

Fitness in Fiji

12. It will be difficult to adjust back to the life at home when you can no longer explain delays with the phrase "no hurry, no worries".

Fiji time!

13. Fijians are the happiest people on earth according to statistics. If you hang around them for a while, all that happiness might rub off on you.

Fijians are the happiest people on earth

14. All the smiling serenaders in floral shirts serenating you with an ukulele as you pass through immigration - it will be hard to visit other airports. 

The Fiji welcome

15. You will most likely get addicted and have the constant need to go back for a Fiji fix.

You might get addicted to Fiji

16. Bula will become your new favorite word and you are going to say it a lot! It means "life" and can be used to say hello, goodbye, welcome, love and more. 

Your new favorite word - BULA

17. The crystal clear sea and amazing underwater world will make it hard for you to dive in other places. And to make it even harder you can also collect karma points while learning how to dive in Fiji.

Diving in Fiji

18. You might get sea sick while cruising between the picture perfect islands with their swaying palm trees, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and colorful coral and fish filled lagoons.

The beautiful islands of Fiji

19. You are most likely going to miss your plane home after you have experienced the relaxed atmosphere, hammocks on the beach and friendly people.

You might miss you flight home from Fiji

Do you dare to visit Fiji?
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