19 reasons why you should not visit Fiji

19 reasons why you should not visit Fiji

You have might heard stories about white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, crystal clear water, tropical waterfalls, friendly locals and colorful umbrella drinks. Yes, Fiji is a tropical paradise with over 300 amazing islands, but there are some things we need to warn you about.

1. You have probably imagined yourself lying in a hammock on a white sandy beach in Fiji. It truly sounds like a dream, until you face the challenge of actually getting in and out of this swinging nightmare.

Travel to Fiji and find a hammock at the beach

2. As your Instagram page is filled with amazing waterfall pictures, your friends will likewise be filled with a rodent feeling of jealousy. You might even loose friends before even getting back from holiday!Amazing waterfalls in Fiji

3. Friends are not the only thing you risk losing when you visit Fiji. There is also a possibility that you lose all your money betting on a crab race.Crab race in Fiji

4. People who visit Fiji obviously get bored fast, as they tend to jump from one island to the other. They call it Island Hopping and it seems very stressful. Not to mention, there are 300 of them!
View from Mamanuca Islands

5. Talking about Island Hopping in Fiji – You will probably get sea sick while cruising on a boat between the picture perfect islands. No thanks!
The beautiful islands of Fiji

6. You will experience many houses in very poor conditions on your visit to Fiji. Many of them are just wooden poles on the beach, with no walls. Looks terrible.
Bungalows on the beach of Tivua Island

7. They say that they "used to" practice cannibalism in Fiji, but the four-pronged wooden forks from Fiji's cannibalistic past can still be found at the village craft and souvenir stalls. Just saying...Fiji has a history of cannibalism

8. And just in case, do not touch the head of Fijian as this is a big no no, even though you will not be eaten as a punishment... or will you!?Fijians dancing with fire on the beach

9. Your visit to Fiji will most likely make you an addict and you will forever feel the constant need for a Fiji fix.Beautiful Taveuni Island in Fiji

10. Let's just hope that you manage to steer away from the Beqa's fire walkers – Who in their right mind does that? Like the warm temperature in Fiji is not warm enough?The Beqa´s fire walkers!

11. Kava is the important cultural and social custom in Fiji. Experience the delightful taste of mud water that makes your tongue go numb, because why not.Taste the kava in Fiji

12. A visit to Fiji will make you appreciate the cold, harsh winters at home. The lowest temperature in Fiji is about 18 degrees – At night!
Sunset at Nananu-i-Ra island, Fiji

13. You can never avoid the constant pressure of staying active and in shape, even in Fiji. Who want’s to sweat their asses off on a fitness campwhile beings surrounded by palm trees and sandy beaches? No one? Didn’t think so.Fitness in Fiji

14. You cannot imagine the struggle of adjusting back to the everyday life at home, where the phrase "no hurry, no worries" isn’t a valid explanation for delays.
Enjoy the easy life in Fiji

15. Fijians are the happiest people on earth according to statistics. After hanging around them for a while, all that happiness might rub off on you.
Indigenous Fijian men dancing a traditional meke wesi spear dance

16. Bula means "life" and you will use it a lot! You can use it to say hello, goodbye, welcome, love and more. In other words, a visit to Fiji will mess up your language. Bula!Visit Fiji and get addicted

17. Don’t even think about diving in Fiji, as the rest of the world forever will be a bit less spectacular. Better cancel that diving course, or you will risk experiencing Fijis amazing underwater world one time too many.Diving in Fiji

18. Even the Hindu Temples are colorful... way too colorful.
Hindu temple in Nadi Island, Fiji

19. You are most likely going to experience a true heartbreak and miss your plane back home (or at least wish you did).Sailing in Fiji

That said, we would probably sacrifice all these terrible experiences for a visit to Fiji, anytime. Are you interested in knowing more about Fiji? Check this out: 

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