7 tips on how to survive a sailing tour

7 tips on how to survive a sailing tour

Imagine yourself sitting on the deck of a yacht or a sailing boat with a cold drink, relaxing in the hot sun looking at the clear blue Mediterranean sea all around you. Is there something that could go wrong? Well most likely nothing especially if you remember to bring these 7 things.

1. Sunscreen - a lot of it

Bring sunscreen - sailing around the mediterranean sea

You are sailing between the Islands in Croatia. The sun is shining and the ocean is still and crystal-clear. It is not fun to be stuck under the only shade or sitting alone under the deck - bring sunscreen!

2. Swimwear

Bring swimwear on your sailing tour - KILROY

Well let's be honest you are not going to be able to wash your clothes on your sailing tour. In addition, when you see the clear-blue sea when you sail around the Greek islands the first thing you are going to want to do is to jump in and explore the colorful underwater life.

3. Bring cash

Bring extra cash - sailing around the mediterranean sea

The boat just stopped by this little remote island in Croatia and you just found the perfect souvenir but there is no ATM or the current one is not working.

4. Ear plugs

Always good to have ear plugs - sailing around the mediterranean sea

Yes, people sometimes snore even though we do not. Do not miss out on drinking ouzo and dancing Greek dances because you were too tired.

5. Camera

It will be hard to describe you sailing tour with only words - bring camera

When sailing around Ibiza it is a must to have a camera, preferable one that is waterproof. The amazing landscape and colorful people - it will be impossible to describe it with only words. 

6. Flashlight/headlamp

Bring flashlight on your sailing around the mediterranean sea

It is a beautiful starry night and you decided to stay longer and enjoy the quiet surroundings. Do not be the one that breaks his leg as you did not see the only chair in your way.

7. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a must have when sailing around the mediterranean sea

A must to have - they will also make it hard for other people to see where you are looking!

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