• Apr15

    Why sailing in Europe should be your summer holiday plan!

    Haven't booked your Europe sail tour yet? Good for you! We have some sweet deals, no matter if you wan't to explore Greece, Croatia or Spain. But let's start off by getting you in the right mood.

    Looks kick ass, right? It is! Imagine yourself on the deck with other young people. Dive into the blue ocean or get your tan on while relaxing on the deck. 

    Can't decide on where to go sailing in Europe? Let's give you a helping hand. Greece, Croatia and Spain are obvious destinations, and if you book before April 30th, we'll give you some nice discounts.

    Sailing in Greece The Greek islands have been a favourite for sailing tours for ages, and it's really for a reason. Look forward to approaching the stunning islands full of white houses, eating Gyros in the local taverna a... Read more
  • Apr10

    Combine volunteering and diving in Fiji

    If you love diving and want to make a difference in a local community, this popular marine conservation project in Fiji is something that you will love.  

    Imagine yourself in Fiji. Off to a good start on the imagenary trip, right? Now imagine that you do your volunteer work beneath the surface of the sea. That's right. As a part of yo... Read more
  • Apr10

    Get fit in Fiji

    Do you dream of an active holiday? Fiji is not just about lazy days on a white sandy beach holding a fresh coconut in one hand and the sun lotion in the other. Say Bula and register for 7 day fitness program where you will get the chance to participate in diverse fitness activities at the same time you experience the unique Fijian atmosphere and hospitality with kava, music and bonfire in t... Read more