Let's get going to the Philippines!

Let's get going to the Philippines!

Unless you're planning on spending your holiday at home, you most likely need some sort of transportation to your destination. Don't get us wrong, you can definitely be adventurous and cultural also in your own personal headquarters: just open your cook book on a new page, choose a world music list from Spotify, max out the heating... well, who are we kidding, travelling is always the better option. Always. 

So let's get going. This time around we've picked the Philippines to be in the spotlight. Not that it needs much highlighting: its mere existence puts it firmly on every travellers' must-list. But how do you get there and kick start your Filipino adventures?

Get started with your holiday in the Philippines - KILROY

Fly comfortably  

Let's be honest, the flight is just a way to get to your destination, but having said that, the choice of flight route and airline does matter surprisingly a lot when you want to change your plans or when it comes to getting some rest on a long haul – in other words getting a good start to your vacay. 

The terms and conditions of the airfares aren't the simplest thing in the world, we know. So to make things a bit more simple, here's a few useful things to know about Qatar Airways youth & student airfares:

  • You can change the tickets before or after departure. Just use our online change ticket form. The changes are, of course, always dependent on availability: the airline won't bump anyone from your newly requested, already fully booked, flight just because you - or anyone else for that matter - changed your plans, but at least you know there are no restrictions against making changes like there is in a lot of tickets.  
  • Fares are not higher because of the flexibility. In fact, prices for youth & student tickets are often lower than regular tickets.
  • Anyone under 30 and everyone with a valid ISIC card can buy these youth & student tickets.

Get yourself an easy-breezy start 

Take it easy and let us do the organizing on your behalf: book yourself an arrival package. What's that? you say. It's a super easy way to ensure a good start for your trip. We'll make sure you don't have to think about any practicalities during the first hours of your arrival, starting from a drive from the airport. Set a brisk tone to your trip and spend the first night at one of Metro Manila's best hostels, Z Hostel, in the bustling business district of Makati. Read more about the arrival package here.

If you're not into chatting away the long flight to Manila, the hostel's rooftop terrace is the perfect place to catch up with your small talk skills and a genuine opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world. This is the place where your holiday truly begins!

Book your flights and arrival package

Package includes:

  • Qatar flexible youth and student tickets XXX-MNL-XXX
  • Airport transportation upon arrival
  • 1 night stay at Z hostel 
  • Breakfast at the hostel

Flights HOME - DOHA - MANILA - DOHA - HOME & Arrival package

From EUR 711
Flights HOME - DOHA - MANILA - DOHA - HOME & Arrival package
Qatar Airways to the Philippines
Hop onboard, stretch your legs in Doha and get going onwards. Have a transportation waiting for you at the Manila airport, get a good night sleep and sit down for breakfast before heading to your holiday activities in the Philippines!
Ask about & book the package

NB! Flight prices vary depending on travel season. Ask for specific prices for your planned travel period.

Then what?

Don't know yet what to do in the Philippines? No worries, we have plenty of ideas. How about some ultimate water adventures or volunteering while perfecting your diving skills

Get in touch with our travel experts to get more ideas and suggestions.


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