Marine conservation in the Philippines - Real results

Marine conservation in the Philippines - Real results

Diving is one of the most exciting thing you can do while travelling, and this is especially true in the Philippines. Below the surface there's a whole different, beautiful world, a world that is still so connected to the one of the dry land.

To be able to contribute towards healthier oceans, towards maintaining the incredible biodiversity and colorful seascapes, and to support the local communities who rely on the oceans one way or another, is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Get ready for voluteering & diving in the Philippines with other travelers

Everyone can do their part: refill your water bottle instead of always buying a new one (in several places around the world the plastic only ends up in the oceans), use coral friendly sun lotion and don't touch anything while diving and snorkling. If you have the time and want to do something more, consider volunteering on a marine conservation program. 

In the year 2016 together we made an impact

Sometimes it's difficult to get the big picture: what difference does my contribution make? No volunteering program alone will change the world nor over night, but a lot can still be done. 

Marine conservation in the Philippines - KILROY

The volunteer work contributes, among other things, to greatly improving the regions ecosystem. In hard facts and figures this is what we - you and us together - did in the Philippines in 2016:

  • 70 volunteers worked a total of 2314 days in the marine conservation program 
  • Volunteers' work and presence has resulted to secure jobs for twenty sea rangers
  • A guardhouse has been built to protect the marine protected areas in the municipality
  • Thousands of mangrove trees have been planted
  • Several marine protected areas are restored
  • Several tons of garbage have been removed from the sea

If you or anyone you know has been in the Philippines and done marine conservation volunteering, you should be proud. Thank you all who've contributed towards these numbers - and the changes behind the numbers!

If you would like to be part of the positive impact this year, read more about the project.

Wanna know more about the project?

Wanna know more about the project?
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If you have any questions about the project or you're interested in other volunteering programs in the Philippines or elsewhere, go ahead and contact our volunteer experts for answers and tips.


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