• Jun01

    Quiz: How well do you know Central America?

    Perhaps you have travelled around in Central America, or maybe you are a classic case of Besserwisser. Nevertheless, you should put your knowledge to the test with our quiz and see how well you actually know Central America.

    Don’t know Central America that well? No problem, if you take the quiz, we guarantee you will learn some cool things about this interesting part of the world and get inspired for your next travel. But be aware, there’s a good chance you will get an instant desire to book a flight and travel to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama!

    SO – the question is: Are you a walking guidebook, a semi-expert or clueless? Let’s find out!


  • Jun01

    Next on the bucket list: Central America

    Trekking in the mountains, snorkeling in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, relaxing on the beach... If you're a travel junkie looking for the next good fix, Central America is your next destination. And with this itinerary, the trip will definitely be one for the books.

    Flight route:

    Europe – Mexico City – San Jose // ... Read more
  • Jun01

    5 volunteer projects that will give you THE experience of 2017

    Why only travel from highlight to highlight in a fast pace, when you also can get to know a destination in a different and more interesting way?  

    You can experience this by doing some volunteer work. Central-America and Mexico might be the best places to do so!

    We can help you wi... Read more
  • Jun01

    How you can travel and get fluent in Spanish at the same time!

    Did you ever think about going to Central-America, but thought that the language barrier would be an obstacle? Then think again! It is a great reason to go!

    There are so many options if you want to learn Spanish. You can decide to stay for 4 weeks in the same classroom, but we have a nicer ... Read more
  • Jun01

    Backpacking in Central America

    Central America: the place where you find beautiful beaches, enchanting rain forrests, ancient mayan ruins, rich wildlife, and exciting cultures! Central America truly has a lot to offer, and there's no better way to experience it all than backpacking from country to country! 

    If you want to get the ultimate Central American experience, we highly recom... Read more