5 volunteer projects that will give you THE experience of 2017

5 volunteer projects that will give you THE experience of 2017

Why only travel from highlight to highlight in a fast pace, when you also can get to know a destination in a different and more interesting way?  

You can experience this by doing some volunteer work. Central-America and Mexico might be the best places to do so!

We can help you with very nice volunteer projects. We can help you with a lot of different projects, but like to show you 5 great volunteer projects that will give you the experience of a life time! Get to know the locals, learn more Spanish and work with the most exotic animals.  

#1 Diving and volunteering in Mexico

How awesome is it to learn how to dive, and take care for the coral reefs at the same time? With this marine conservation project it's possible! You learn so much about coral reefs and its abundant wildlife together with other volunteers. This project is also for experienced divers.

#2 Animal rescue in Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is famous for its nature and wildlife. You can help injured animals at the Animal Rescue Center in Playa Chiquita. The mission is to help the animals to recover and then release them back into the wild. Work together with monkeys, wild cats, sloths, racoons, anteaters and other animals.

#3 Learn Spanish and be a volunteer in Costa Rica

If you want to learn proper Spanish, it is a good idea to stay a bit longer in Central America. Proyecto Asis gives best of all worlds: you help out with wildlife protection, environmental conservation and lecturing the local communities. Next to this the project is providing Spanish classes. What an opportunity!!!

#4 Make turtles happy in Costa Rica

The name of this project says it all: The Happy Turtle Project. This project is partly about creating awareness with the locals so they stop poaching the eggs. Another part of the project is actually protecting the eggs and guiding the little turtles with hatching and finding the water. Are you in?

#5 Why choose? Work with turtles, go surfing and learn Spanish!

This last project is about way more than volunteering. It's about experiencing a whole new lifestyle in the jungle of Costa Rica. It's a hidden gem you should not miss!
For a whole month your time will be spend with Spanish classes, surf classess and volunteer work with turtles. So many awesome things to do!