How you can travel and get fluent in Spanish at the same time!

How you can travel and get fluent in Spanish at the same time!

Did you ever think about going to Central-America, but thought that the language barrier would be an obstacle? Then think again! It is a great reason to go!

There are so many options if you want to learn Spanish. You can decide to stay for 4 weeks in the same classroom, but we have a nicer option for you... Look at the movie to get an impression. 


The Travelling Classroom 

The good thing about the Travelling Classroom is that you will get very good at Spanish, but also at the latin lifestyle!

You will start off in Panama. One of the most interesting cities in Central America. There is lots to do before and during your Spanish course in Panama: you will get to know the city, the world famous Panama Canal, cook local dishes and learn how to dance salsa, merengue and bachata.

After a few days of urban Panama, you will go and sail to the San Blas islands. There is not a lot that words can do here, thats why this picture will convince you to pack your bag right away. 


From the city to the jungle

In the next week you will change the rural surroundings to the cloudy forests of Boquete. The language school is so relaxed: after hard study you can chill in the hammocks. The climate is colder here so after a week of learning Spanish, ziplining, cooking, dancing and having a blast with your classmates its time to go to tropical places like Bocas del Toro!

In the world there are places where backpackers want to go for a few days, but stay for ages. Bocas del Toro is a place like this and if you arrive here, you feel the nice backpackersvibe. You can do a lot of cool things here: swim with dolphins, party, go diving, visit remote islands and beaches and off course... Learn Spanish!!


Panama is just one country of Central America. With the Travelling Classroom you will go to another country: Costa Rica! You already know quite a lot of Spanish, so it's easier to speak to the Ticos now. You will go to Turrialba - a place with amazing surroundings like the Pacuare river, rainforests and other great nature like the jungle and mountains. After a week of Spanish classes, dancing and cooking lessons and exploring Turrialba there will be a nice party to end The Travelling Classroom.

Time to go home with a great experience, or time to travel Central America with your Spanish language skills.