• Jul14

    All the questions you want answered before going backpacking!

    What to do when you have a small budget and want to make a round the world trip? Bring a hammock. Don't forget that destinations varies a lot and there are destinations where you can live on a small budget and destinations where it's really hard to hold on to your money. Think smart and let us help you in the jungle of money and destinations!

    How much does a round the world trip cost?
    It won't be the cheapest thing you have ever bought, but it will be the most valuable one for sure! It all depends on where you want to go, for how long you want to travel and of course on how much you want to experience and indulge in, on your destinations. An Round the World ticket can cost from EUR 1.500, and a monthly budget can vary between EUR 1.300 and EUR 3.000. But remember, your monthly b... Read more
  • Jul03

    Win flight tickets for 2 to the Caribbean

    By Lasse
    We love travelling and we love competitions. Therefore, we decided to combine the two and offer you all a chance of winning flight tickets to an amazing multi stop route for 2 persons in the Caribbean with KLM on KILROY's Instagram channel!

    How do I enter the competition? All you have to do is to upload a picture that sho... Read more
  • Jun19

    Backpacking for the first time (and how to plan your trip like a pro)

    Hey, is it finally your turn to get out there and do that backpacking trip you’ve been longing for? Good for you! We should tell you straight away that we are a bit jealous because there is something extra about that first time backpacking trip, you’ll see. Now, let’s get you started!<... Read more