All the questions you want answered before going backpacking!

All the questions you want answered before going backpacking!

What to do when you have a small budget and want to make a round the world trip?

Bring a hammock. Don't forget that destinations varies a lot and there are destinations where you can live on a small budget and destinations where it's really hard to hold on to your money. Think smart and let us help you in the jungle of money and destinations!

How much does a round the world trip cost?
It won't be the cheapest thing you have ever bought, but it will be the most valuable one for sure! It all depends on where you want to go, for how long you want to travel and of course on how much you want to experience and indulge in, on your destinations. An Round the World ticket can cost from EUR 1.500, and a monthly budget can vary between EUR 1.300 and EUR 3.000. But remember, your monthly budget can definetly be cheaper if you wish to do some nomad-style traveling, but it could also be a lot higher if you are more of a flashpacker. 

Is it better to try to see as much as possible on a trip and go to many destinations, or is it better to spend longer time on each destination? 
I prefer spending longer time in each destination to really get a good feel of the place, I always advice people to think quality over quantity.  

How much money do I need to save?
Depends on where you are going, but approximately:

  • Southeast Asia: EUR 1.300/month
  • Australia/New Zealand: EUR 2.300/month
  • Central- and South America: EUR 2.000/month
  • USA: EUR 2.300-3.000/month
  • In Africa it depends on what’s included and where you’re going, but after a few beers you might feel like a king and more money than first anticipated could easily be spent in a shorter time. 

Generally save more than you think you might need and your travels will be a lot smoother and you’ll have even more fun!

How much should I pre book?
Depends on your trip. You should pre book most of the things if you're short on time, traveling for the first time, or feeling unsure. Otherwise it is a good idea to book flights, some accommodation and the activities you do not want to miss, but leave some space for spontaneous things as well. Remember that some things can be fully booked during high seasons if you don't pre book. We usualy recommend to pre book everything that is a must for you to experience, and to keep your nice-to-experience-wishes a bit more open. 

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What not to forget while packing for a round the world trip?
Number one thing except your passport, money, charger and phone is your camera! You don't want to go back home without any pictures to remember your wonderful experiences. If you would like a detailed packing list for this kind of trip you can access one here.  

When and why should I book domestic flights?
As soon as you know when you want to travel. This is because it is a lot cheaper to book early and it will also allow you to grab one of our student tickets before they get fully booked. It is also to recommend to book the domestic flights at the same time as you book the international flights. That way the airline will take responsibility in case of delays and that is something that could be very convenient for you if that would happen. Talking from experience here! 

What is important to think about before booking my trip?

  • Which are your must sees and do you have enough time for them?
  • Budget – will this be possible or should you take away some destinations from your trip or considering saving a bit more money before traveling?
  • Seasons – Are you going in the right season for the destination and experience you want to have? Make sure that you know when and where it is high/low season, rain period etc to be able to plan your trip for your wishes. 
  • Travel insurance – safe and secure! This is a must when backpacking, and not at all that expensive, approximately like 2 coca colas a day! Definetly worth it when you need to pay the doctor a visit. 
  • Validity of passport, Visa, Vaccination 
  • If you want detailed information on how to plan your trip like a pro you can get that here. 

Do I need to book reebokable flights?
Yes! When going on a backpacking trip or on a longer haul it is important to have rebokable tickets if you value your freedom and want some space for being spontanious. And plans usually always change when you're traveling. We can of course help you with making sure that your flights are rebokable and help letting you know which of your flights are more important to have an open date on. 

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What's the best way to earn some money during traveling?
The countries you can work in with a working holiday visa are Canada, Australia and New Zealand – So, you just need to grab a work & holiday visa before you leave Sweden and then you are good to go! The best way to earn money while traveling is of course to apply for a job, some industries pay more and others less so it all depends on if you are there to earn some money for a while, or if you are after a fun experience meanwhile working. There is of course other ways to make money as well such as becoming a digital nomad, a travel journalist etc but these are of course much more difficult for us to give feedback on since it all comes down to your expertise. 

What kind of transport do you recommend?
Train, boats and buses, you see so much more traveling on the ground. This also depends on the country you are visiting. In some countries you should be more aware of how things work on local transportations, but these are things we can help you with. Also every experience is a good experience that we can learn from so if just making sure that you are safe when traveling we definitely want to recommend to travel as much as the locals do as possible. 

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I want to combine my trip with something different and help make a change, how can I do this?
Volunteering for sure! This is such a great experience that will both give you a nice adventure and contrast to the rest of your travel, at the same time as you are giving back to the world. Win-win. Volonteering is not for everyone so we recommend to do your research or talk to us about what to think about when volonteering to make sure that it is for you, that you find the right project for your wishes and make sure that the experience meet your expectations on what you want to give back - and get out of your volonteering. 

What is the most important reason to book your backpacking trip with a travel agency?
You have someone who can help you before, during and after the trip. We have been traveling a lot and got some good inside info on basically everything you will encounter on your trip, about great (and not so great) spots and destinations. If something goes wrong you don't need to use your holiday to call the 3 different websites you booked, flights, accommodation and activites, we can help with that if you book directly with one of us travel agents. 

What to bring on a backpacking trip

Carry cash money during traveling, yes or no?
A bit of cash is always king if you wanna score that handmade alpaca bag on the market or some fresh mango on the beach. For most countries there is no need to bring it from home though. Just bring some for your first bus/taxi ride in to the city if you're out of luck with the ATM machines at the airport.

Is a credit card necessary?
Unless you have a wallet the size of a backpack I would say a credit/debit card is an essential item on your packing list. An actual credit card is often needed when renting a car abroad, in addition many of them have lower fees for cash withdrawal abroad. In fact, a good idea is to bring 2 cards, and store them in different places. In case you should be so unlucky to lose your card, you have a backup card.

Is it smart to buy a pre-paid SIM card? Do I have to buy a simple phone?
No need for that, use an old phone and get a local simcard. 

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What is the most random backpacking-trip you have ever helped somebody with?
I wouldn't say there is any random trips, some people just know exactly what they want to see and do. That could be anything from visiting the world’s 10 largest shower curtains to only visit countries to start with a “D”.

What is the place/destination/secret spot not to miss in a life time?
@Linnea: I would without doubt say Semuc Champey in Guatemala, I think it´s a must. Nature is AMAZING and you can swim in the waterfalls while being surrounded by the jungle. Good one 
@Zamir: San Blas Islands in Panama
@ Ann: A beautiful surf spot in a small village called Pilar in The Philippines

How many odd places have you peed? and What is the strangest place you have ever peed?
@Mikke: A couple but the weirdest was probably the DMZ zone in the border of North and South Korea.
@Linnea: Do you want an honest answer? Okay, here we go – In a bin, in the middle of a crowd at a festival in Vancouver.
@Zamir: In a kitty litter box…

What is your favorite icebreaker when meeting new people?
@Zamir: Doing a Joey imitation and say “How you doing”
@Ann: Sharing a beer is the best icebreaker of all times
@Adam: Would you accept a free one way ticket to mars?

Is there something you regret you never did when you had the chance?
@Mikke: Not yet, if I get an idea for travelling i try to do it asap
@Ann: Going to Australia on a Working visa
@Adam: Doing a winter season in Canada.

What do you prefer: travelling alone, with a friend or with your girl/boyfriend on a big roundtrip?
@Adam: It´s three completely different trips and I prefer to do one of each. Alone to meet new people without compromises, with friends to reminiscence about old times and girlfriend to get some quality time and good memories.
@Ann: I would prefer a mix, but lately I found traveling alone is more rewarding
@Anders: Alone, you push yourself to meet new people that you actually continue travel with, and not just meet for a night out. And you are free to do whatever you want, no need to adjust to anyone.

What is your favorite memory and from which destination?
@Adam: The things I tend to remember most are the challenging moments when you experiencing something new for the first time. That first glimpse of Angel Falls in Venezuela or the first scuba diving experience in Australia. Midnight hiking up to Indian Nose to witness the sunrise over Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is another favorite memory.
@Linnea: My favorite memory is from a night stroll on the beach in Tulum when we suddenly encountered the biggest sea turtle I have ever seen who went up on the beach to lay eggs. We sat down beside it quietly for hours and just watched it.
@Mikke: Work and holiday in Aussie, work 2 days and surf 7 days a week for 7 month, happy days!

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