18 reasons why you should not book this adventure trip

  • 01 August 2017
  • By Erna
18 reasons why you should not book this adventure trip

Travelling with like-minded people and making new friends from all over the world is a great way to experience new places but it can also be challenging. Why go off the beaten track when there are so many other places in the world where you can just fall right in with the mass tourism?

Cape Town to Victoria Falls Adventure takes you from the city life of Cape Town to the majestic Victoria Falls travelling through 4 different countries along the way. Safari, camping under the stars, amazing and diverse culture and plenty of optional activities - yes this trip could be the highlight of your year but there are though couple of things you need to keep in mind before booking.

Day 1 - Cape Town

The tour starts in Cape Town where you will meet the group of fun and adventurous people you will be traveling with for the next 18 days. Be aware as you might make new friends from all over the world, which involves a high cost in the future when you need to go to visit them.

You will meet fun and adventurous people from all over the world

Day 2 - Lambert´s Bay

The day begins with a good breakfast before you experience the dramatic Western Cape scenery. Not sure if there will be anything breathtaking to see there.

The stunning Wolfberg Arch, Cederberg - South Africa

Day 3 - Orange River

They say you should relax and go for a swim in the longest river in South Africa - OK probable not in this part but still!

Orange river - Augrabies falls

Day 4 - Fish River Canyon

On day four, you will cross boarders to Namibia. Your CEOs (2 tour guides) will take care of all the hassles and guide you through the boarders. However, do not get too used to this luxury, as when the tour ends you will have to do this all by yourself. And Fish River Canyon - well it is the largest canyon in Africa and you might get some OK photos from there.

The largest canyon in Africa - Fish River Canyon, Namibia

Day 5 - Namib Desert

Have you ever dreamt of a million star accommodation? Today is your lucky day! Camping can though be highly addictive - we have heard stories from travelers that have actually moved to a tent after returning home.

Experience a million star accommodation in the Namib Desert

Day 6 - Namib Desert

Today you will sweat a lot while you explore the bizarre desert environment. Sesriem Canyon, the Soussusvlei Dunes and a climb up the breathtaking Dune 45. Why do it to yourself, even though you might witness one of the most amazing sunset of your life?

Amazing sunset in the Namib Desert

Day 7 - Swakopmund

On the drive to Swakopmund you will be able to enjoy the all right view from the overland truck while you charge your batteries. Yes it is amazing not having to think about the next travel leg and just focus on exploring and making unforgettable memories but how are you going to be able to return back to work/school where you need to be the leader?

Tha amazing landscape in the Namib Desert

Day 8 - Swakopmund

Swakopmund is the one of the adventure capitals of Africa. It will be a struggle to choose which optional activity to do e.g. sky diving, dune boarding, or quad biking, just to name a few options. In addition, now everyone will know just how adventurous you really are.

Get the Adrenalin pumping in Swakopmund, Namibia

Day 9 - Etosha National Park

Wild animals, are they crazy? And camping just in the middle of the national park? Who falls asleep to the sounds of the wild? Lion roar, hippos stomping around and something you do not see moving in the bus will surely keep you awake.

Explore the wildlife in Etosh national park - KILROY

Day 10 - Etosha National Park

Yes, believe it, there are two days of wild animal spotting! It is maybe an amazing feeling to see the lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, blue wildebeest, springbok, zebra, and hyenas with your own eyes in their natural habitats but you know you can also just watch them on television at home.

Safari in Etosha National Park in an unforgettable experience

Day 11 - Windhoek

Windhoek, the capital of Namibia is a modern city where you can visit churches, castles, craft markets and areas of German-inspired architecture. You are most likely to be pleasantly surprised but as soon as you get to the Craft Center your valet is going to get empty and backpack full.

Check out the amazing crafts in Windhoek, Namibia

Day 12 - Kalahari Desert

Another desert and now in Botswana! Come on who likes the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere and learn about the strange survival skills from the San Bushmen like how you should not waste your pee as according to them your first pee can be drunk in a survival situation

Meet and get to know the San Bushman in Kalahari desert

Day 13 - Maun

Prepare for two days of driving to the Okavango Delta with a overnight in Maun - here you will have to sit in the air-coned overland adventure vehicle (OAV) that takes you to the sites and camping ground safely. 

You will travel in a comfortable overland truck

Day 14 - Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta the very large swampy  inland delta is a home to a divers wildlife and yes after you have gone on a traditional Mokor excursion (see picture below) you will set up camp where your tent will be your only protection against the wild animals.

Go on a unforgettable Mokoro excursion - Okavango Delta

Day 15 - Nata

More wildlife and now at night that is you will be watching wild animals drinking from the camp's watering hole, where you are staying. 

Watch wild animals drink from the watering hole

Day 16 - Kasane

Yes even more wildlife and now in the Chobe national park. In addition, the sunset here are mediocre at best. 

Sunset at Chobe national park

Day 17 - Victoria Falls

Today you cross another border and now it is into Zimbabwe where you will see the majestic Victoria Falls. If you are scare of heigths just skip the optional helicopter ride.

Amazing view over the Victoria Falls

Day 18 - Victoria Falls

Congratulations, you made it! Sadly though, this will be the toughest day as you need to say goodbye to all your new friends and decide on where to go next.

Unfortunately all adventures end!

Are you still interested in the tour? Check it out here below!


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