Volunteering and diving in the Seychelles

Volunteering and diving in the Seychelles

Do you love to dive? Imagine yourself being able to collect karma points while diving - yes, it is possible! In addition you will be on a paradise Island where you can relax under the palm trees, sunbathe on white sandy beaches, explore an unbelievable wildlife and nature, eat mangos and bananas directly from the trees and last but not least get a unique diving experience at the same time you work on a marine conservation project. Sounds pretty awesome?

In this marine conservation project in the Seychelles, you will participate in a marine species research that contributes data that is used by other organizations. For example, the Seychelles government relies on this data to show an accurate picture of the overall health of the local coral reefs when setting and creating new management policies. While working on this project you will have diverse tasks but among them is to take part in: 

  • Coral reef monitoring and recovery research
  • Invertebrate and fish surveys
  • Sea Turtle research
  • Development of an environmental education and awareness program

Marine Conservation in Seychelles - KILROY

Most of the surveys are conducted underwater and as a volunteer you will spend the majority of your time scuba diving having around 1 or 2 dives/snorkels each day, 5 days a week. To take part you need to have the PADI Open Water, or equivalent, certificate and have high level of competency in English.

Besides diving, you are also going to be involved in additional projects and activities where you will:

  • Learn how to identify fish and coral in the Indian Ocean
  • Visit and dive amongst beautiful tropical islands
  • Take your PADI Advanced and PADI Coral Reef Research Diver courses
  • Develop the techniques you need to survey coral reefs
  • Explore different dive sites
  • Visit breeding areas for the hawksbill and green turtle
  • Be able to take other extra dive courses and/or fun dives at discounted rates with local dive shops
  • Have an amazing and unique adventure amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

You can be a part of a great Marine Conservation in Seychelles - KILROY

What is included?

  • Accommodation
  • All meals while on the project
  • 24-hour support
  • Community work workshop
  • Diving compressor training workshop
  • First Aid & CPR training
  • Location orientation
  • National Park fees and permits
  • PADI Advanced Open Water
  • PADI Coral Reef Research Diver Distinctive Speciality

Note: flights are not included in the price and the minimum age is 18 years.

The Seychelles offers amazing opportunities for travel, take a few days more, travel with your new friends and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Volunteering in the Seychelles - KILROY

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