The best tips for your road trip adventure in Australia

  • 04 September 2017
  • By Ann
The best tips for your road trip adventure in Australia

Australia is the perfect place for a road trip. You have the freedom to travel at your own pace and will pass the most amazing nature, cities and sceneries along the way to your next destination. Below we put together some good tips for your road trip in Australia so you don't have to waste time searching it all online.

Road tripping in Australia will embark you on an epic adventure. Remember, that you are travelling to a different part of the world and different rules might apply when it comes to driving and renting a campervan. 

Camping rules in Australia

Freedom Camping in Australia

Freedom Camping (i.e. camping in public places) is allowed in some parts of Australia, just make sure you are in a designated free camping zone otherwise you risk receiving a large fine. Besides this, there are also large number of well-equipped campgrounds situated in amazing locations around the country. Find your camping spot along the way by using this handy app called CamperMate, which shows all free and paid camping areas and holiday parks in Australia.

To find other cool camping tips, click here. If you are planning to go for a road trip in Southern Australia, you should definitely also check out some great itineraries in this app.

Plan your drives during daytime

Kangaroo crossing the road at night in Australia

You might have gotten used to driving long distances at night when you travelled to Southern Europe or went on a skiing vacation. Of course it has many advantages like less traffic, covering bigger distances and not losing any time at your next location. Even though this might have been the plan for your road trip in Australia, you will have to do all your driving during daytime.

In this part of the world, it can be very dangerous to drive at night because of animals crossing the road, like kangaroos. The insurance of your campervan will only cover you when you are driving in daylight. The good thing is that you won't miss out on any of the epic nature and landscapes you'll be driving through (except from when you are napping away when your mate took over the steering wheel).

Tip: Try to avoid highways and experience some nice sceneries and local small towns - it might take you a bit longer but that's often where the hidden treasures are found! 

Saving big bucks on petrol in Australia

Australia no fuel sign

Plan your visits to the gas station on a Tuesday or Wednesday and save yourself some money! On these days you can expect to pay 5% to 15% less than on other days of the week. The supermarkets Coles and Woolworths own a lot of petrol stations and often you will receive a discount when you shop with them.

At home you find gas stations almost behind every corner. In Australia and especially in the outback, always make sure to have enough petrol for the road as there might be (very) few petrol stations along the way.

Fuel is going to be a big cost on your trip. One of the best apps we recommend you to use, is MotorMouth. It’s really handy for finding the cheapest petrol in your area.

Road tolls in Australia

Go on a road trip in Australia

On some roads in Australia road toll fees apply. If your road trip is taking you through Metropolitan New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, you will likely encounter toll roads. When you rent a campervan in Australia you are the one responsible for paying road toll fees. Make sure you check out the way you want to go as toll roads in Australia are electronically tolled, so you will not be able to stop and pay cash.

Once you have picked up your campervan in Australia, you will need to set up a visitors e-pass. ​To set up a visitors e-pass for any Australian toll roads click here.

Book your campervan

Not everybody is looking for the same things in a campervan. Depending on your budget, needs and number of friends you are travelling with, we have some cool campervans for your road trip in Australia. 

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