14 reasons why you should NOT visit Thailand

  • 01 October 2017
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14 reasons why you should NOT visit Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for backpackers from all over the world. It's truly an amazing place. So why on earth would we tell you NOT to go there? Well, read on and find out if there's any meaning to this gibberish at all...

1. Way too many beaches

beautiful beach in thailand

Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world. With so many stunning and beautiful beaches to choose from. How would you even know where to begin? Stay at home, and voilà, problem solved!

2. Way too many islands as well

Koh Tao is one of Thailands most beautiful islands

Thailand has hundreds of islands both in the Gulf of Thailand and in the Andaman Sea. Exotic paradise islands like Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samet, Koh Lanta, just to mention a few. It’s simply too many to chose from!

3. It’s so cheap, there must be a catch

Everything seems affordable in Thailand. Go nuts at shopping!

Surely, there must be something wrong with the pricing here. Accomodation, food, drinks, activities and sort of everything is beyond affordable. How can it possibly be so cheap?

4. Perfect climate?

Thailand enjoys fantastic tropical climate

Not a fan of warm weather or year around sun? You might be alarmed to hear that the temperature never really falls below 20 degrees in Thailand, and that is considered cold by Thai standard!

5. The Land of Smiles

Thailand is the land of smiles

Thailand is not called the “Land of Smiles” for nothing. The people in Thailand are incredibly friendly! In fact, they are so friendly and helpful, it just might be too much for us slightly more grumpy Europeans!

6. You might lose some friends

You win some, you lose some...

One thing is certain… you’ll annoy your friends and family with all your stunning photos and snaps on social media.

7. Same, same, but different

Same, same, but different

What does it actually mean!?? Does anybody really know?

8. The lurking danger of the longtail boat

Ever tried to get into and out of one of these?

Have you ever tried to climb in and out of a longtail boat? It’s so much harder than it looks like! Consider yourself warned.

9. There’s nothing to do

Thailand offers some fantastic diving opportunities

Statement: "Thailand is boring and there is nothing to do." Right... Except of course diving or snorkeling, or shopping, or trekking, or volunteering, or sailing, or fitness camps, or whatever… nothing to do…

10. A bucket will never be just a bucket again

Ever had a bucket in Thailand?

Ready for another bucket?

11. Rabies will become a real danger

Immensely cute dogs in Thailand

Why get a rabies vaccine you might have wondered before you left. Surely nothing you need? But then… The sudden urge of petting every single stray dog you come across will sneak up on you. Every single one!!

12. Full moon parties

Full moon parties at Koh Phangan

Yeah, it sounds like the most fun you’ll ever have, and it is! Just remember that you might literally have elephants stomping on your head the next morning!

13. Tasty, delicious and amazing Thai food

Tasty, delicious and amazing Thai food

Cheap, amazing and delicious food Thai food! All day long! You’ll be a Thai food-addict before you know it. It’s not good to be an addict, even if it’s Thai food.

14. You will always want to go back

You'll always want to come back to Thailand

Thailand is the type of place you will always want to go back to, and you’ll never forget all your amazing memories. The only cure? Book a new trip!

So, is it time to book your next Thailand adventure?
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