5 unique things you can experience in Africa

5 unique things you can experience in Africa

Waking up with a rhino just a few meters away from your treehouse

We all know that Africa has one of the best national parks to go on safari - Kruger National Park. Some might visit the park just for a day, others stay a whole week at a camp or lodge. Did you know not all camps and lodges has got fences? Yeah, for real.

Safari lodge Kruger Park South AfricaHazyview Greenfire lodge, Kruger Park

That means that there is a chance to wake up with a rhino standing just a few meters away from your tent or tree house. True story. There was no reason to worry, because this was the so called "house rhino" who came by the camp every day to get some rest and be away from the older, bigger rhino in the same area which was a threat for the younger, tinier house rhino. Even though this could be a bit scary, the camp guides always keep an eye on animals in and around the camp. And don't forget, most animals are affraid of the sounds we make during the day and night.

Still excited to go? Of course you are!


Hiking 5 to 14 days to reach the 5895 meters high Kilimanjaro peak

Are you up for a big adventurous challenge? It will be tough, but so worth it when you reach this almost 6000 meter high peak. We're talking about the highest mountain of Africa, the Kilimanjaro. There are several ways to reach the top and climbing it varies from 5 to 14 days.

Kilimanjaro-camping-under-the-starsCamping under the stars, Kilimanjaro

You can choose from six different routes that will all take you to the top giving you that stunning view that you've always dreamt of. The most popular route is the Maranga Route, also called Coca Cola Route, and it can be done in five days. Go for a less crowded, but a bit more demanding, route and choose the Machame Route. It is popularly known as the Whiskey Route. In this way you have one extra day to get used to the thin air. And believe us when we say you would be glad to have put an additional day or two into this challenge.


Travelling through remote areas in a converted truck

We call this type of travelling 'overlanding" and it allows you to travel with a group of adventurous travelers of all ages. Explore remote areas where little or no familiar infrastructure exists in a converted truck. A professional safari guide will also be your driver on the way.

Overlanding through Africa

The truck is fully equipped, so all you need to bring is some good eyes and a sleeping bag (if you choose to do this overlanding tour camping style, which we recommend!). Overlanding tours varies from a couple of days to several months, but with this 24 day tour through the southern part of Africa you'll have enough time to enjoy this unique way of travelling!


Diving with humpback whales and manta rays in Zanzibar

If you're a fan of diving (who isn't?), you really have to go to Zanzibar. If you haven't dived before, you instantly become a fan once you've learned it here. Humpback whales and manta rays are very common in Zanzibar. Getting up close with these special marine creatures will make you hold your breath in awe.

Humpback Whale In ZanzibarHumpback whale, Zanzibar

Manta rays aren't bothered by human presence. In fact, they may approach to enjoy the bubbles you create while diving. Humpback whales are curious and are therefore often easily approachable. You'll spot humpback whales from June to September. Mantarays can be spotted year-round.

Excited to (learn to) dive in Zanzibar? We recommend this diving school:


Become a surf teacher and teach disadvantaged kids how to surf

This volunteer project in Cape Town, South Africa is set up to teach disadvantaged youth valuable life lessons and keep them off the streets by giving both educational and sports lessons such as skateboarding, swimming and surfing.

Adventure Surf Club South AfricaAdventure Surf Club volunteer project, Cape Town

For most kids these activities is the highlight of their week and that's why the project uses this as incentive for them to do well in school. If they turn up, behave themselves and study hard they will be rewarded. As volunteer you won't only help these kids, it's also a special way to gain experience working with children and help the local community. You don't need any surfing experience, being able to swim is enough! Ready to collect some karma points?


If you want to travel to Africa, but can't decide where to go, then just get in touch and we'll make sure to give you the best tips before you departure.

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