• May01

    Let's get going to the Philippines!

    Unless you're planning on spending your holiday at home, you most likely need some sort of transportation to your destination. Don't get us wrong, you can definitely be adventurous and cultural also in your own personal headquarters: just open your cook book on a new page, choose a world music list from Spotify, max out the heating... well, who are we kidding, travelling is always the better option. Always. 

    So let's get going. This time around we've picked the Philippines to be in the spotlight. Not that it needs much highlighting: its mere existence puts it firmly on every travellers' must-list. But how do you get there and kick start your Filipino adventures?

    Fly comfortably   Let's be honest, the flight is just a way to get to your destination, but having said that, the choice of flight route and airline does matter ... Read more
  • May01

    The Philippines - One adventure, five highlights

    Don't miss out on this amazing adventure, customized for travellers who love to be near, in, on and above water. The Philippines is truly a slice of paradise and here is the best way to experience it! 

    Duration: 10 days
    Start/Ends: Cebu City

    The Philippines is any backpacker’s dream, spread throughout 7 000 ... Read more
  • May01

    Marine conservation in the Philippines - Real results

    Diving is one of the most exciting thing you can do while travelling, and this is especially true in the Philippines. Below the surface there's a whole different, beautiful world, a world that is still so connected to the one of the dry land.

    To be able to contribute towards healthier oceans, towards maintaining the incre... Read more
  • Mar21

    7 tips on how to survive a sailing tour

    Imagine yourself sitting on the deck of a yacht or a sailing boat with a cold drink, relaxing in the hot sun looking at the clear blue Mediterranean sea all around you. Is there something that could go wrong? Well most likely nothing especially if you remember to bring these 7 things.

    1. Sunscreen - a lot of it

    You are sail... Read more
  • Mar21

    Go retro and travel around Europe this summer!

    Do you have two weeks, 21 days or a month?

    Here are three ideas of epic trips around the Mediterranean sea you can do this summer. The Mediterranean atmosphere, amazing beaches, famous cities, little remote islands and diverse food and culture awaits you!

    Remember, these trips are only an idea - the sky has no limit and yo... Read more
  • Mar21

    6 cool surf spots in Europe

    You don't have to go to Hawaii or Bali to experience great surfing. Europe has some sweet locations that not many people know of. Grab your board and head for one of these 6 great surf spots.

    So you want to surf like a pro but don't have time for a long overseas trip? Alright, stay in Europe then! Here you'll find plenty of great waves, and we'll guide you t... Read more
  • Oct24

    5 reasons to visit the Philippines

    Ready for the ultimate paradise? Ready to have fun, relax and experience unique travel days? Stupid questions, we know, so without further ado: the Philippines in its all glory.

    This paradise is made of lush landscapes in all hues of green, rejuvenating warmth of the sun and people, and effervescent waterfalls that make you gasp. But first and ... Read more
  • Apr29

    10 tips for an ultimate American road trip

    1. Freedom with a plan There’s no better feeling than the freedom that comes with an epic road trip. A classical form of travel where you get to be your own boss and decide both the pace and the next stop yourself. That said, even the most awe-inspiring road trip will turn out better with some planning before you hit the road. Be sure t... Read more
  • Jul28

    The ultimate American sports road trip

    The summer is slowly coming to an end and to sports fanatics this means only one thing: We are kicking off the new seasons in the major sports leagues! This also goes for the major leagues in the US where all the big teams are getting ready to lead their cities to eternal glory. To you, it means it’s time to start planning your US road trip to e... Read more
  • Jun01

    Your guide to South Korea

    South Korea might not be on top of your bucketlist, which is a pity! South Korea offers some interesting recent history, history about different dynasties, great temples, palaces and statues, a superyummy cuisine and nature, islands and beaches. A lot to cover in a few days - so what to do in South Korea?

    When to go to South Korea: The best weather is between S... Read more