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With a city arrival package from KILROY you will get an easy, safe and secure arrival into your destination. Our arrival packages typically include airport transfer, hotel or hostel accommodation + breakfast.

Arrival package: Airport transfer + hotel/hostel

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Book a hotel or a hostel before departure. Most people will need a place to sleep upon arrival at a new destination.

Whether you are planning to backpack around the world or simply in need of accommodation for your weekend get-away, we can help you.

A hotel room or a bed in a hostel is invaluable when you have travelled far and need to be well rested for your upcoming adventures: don’t start your trip by stressing to find the right accommodation. Stay ahead – give us a call and book now.

Do you need any travel advice before booking, please contact KILROY – we have great experience in travelling the world and we want to assist you in finding the perfect place to start your adventure.

Arrival packages including airport transfer
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