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City Experiences

Ready for urban adventures and festivals? Exploring big cities are on the agenda of most travellers. From Rio to Reykjavik to Bangok - we've got tours suited for backpackers and flashpackers and everything in between. At the same time we have tours taking you to or through local festivals and events.

  • Experience the city of Rio de Janeiro
    Experience the city of Rio de Janeiro
  • Explore the local markets in Beijing
    Explore the local markets in Beijing

Let the city activities begin

It's not a coincidence that large cities are referred to as "urban jungles" - the places, people, and cultures you can experience in a metropolis can be just as diversified, surprising, and challenging as a trek into the jungle. And often you can combine the two!

Sightseeing busses or active sightseeing

Hop-on/hop-off busses are great for getting the easy introduction to a city. However, we have also plenty of tours and activities focusing on active experiences within or outside the city skirts. Some are cultural tours while other requires a certain level of physical activity. In short: We have it all!

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