Australia bus pass (Greyhound)

From EUR 57


  • Valid for 12 months
  • Hop-on/Hop-off
  • Very flexible
  • Large network
  • Unused kilometers can be redeemed for activities


  • 5% discount when booking with KILROY
The Greyhound Australia bus pass is ideal if you plan to backpack your way around Australia. With this bus pass you can hop-on and hop-off in almost any location in Australia.
Countries: Australia

The Greyhound-Australia bus stops in almost every small village (with beautiful names like "Woolgoolga" and "Coolangatta") but of course also in the major cities. There are daily departures and between the larger cities and towns you can often choose between several departures each day. Night drives are not as frequent, but it'll save you a night in a hostel.

Valid for 12 months

The Greyhound kilometer pass is valid for 12 months (from the time of your first trip). The kilometer pass can be purchased with as little as 500 km and all the way up to 20,000 km. You may find it difficult to estimate how many kilometers you need for your journey, but you can get help from one of our KILROY travel experts. Many of our travel experts have traveled extensively with bus in Australia and New Zealand and they have plenty of tailor-made advice to give out. And if you accidentally purchase a pass with too many kilometers, then you can redeem them in exchange for fun and activities such as a skydiving trip, a sailing trip in the Whitsundays, surf lessons and much more! But you can also exchange the kilometers for accommodation nights in the larger Australian hostels and the YHA hostel network as well as Nomads Backpackers and Base Backpackers. Finally, you can also redeem your kilometers for camper rental. That's quite convenient if you decide to try our driving yourself Down Under.

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From EUR 57
See all Greyhound Australia bus passes
12 months
See all the Greyhound Australia bus passes here. Remember to always book from home to save money.
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How it works

Whenever you buy a Greyhound kilometer pass you also select a predetermined distance, such as 2000 km or 4000 km. Every time you reserve (online or phone) a seat on a specific Greyhound bus route, the kilometers are automatically debited from that number. You can always go through your own account tracking to see how many kilometers you have left.


Why get a Greyhound kilometer pass in Australia

  • 5 daily departures on the Australian East Coast
  • Nationwide coverage
  • New busses
  • Reclining chairs
  • Wifi free on the bus
  • Air-condition
  • Toilets on board


Discount when you book with KILROY

Book your Greyhound Australia bus pass through KILROY and you get 5% discount!  In total there are 22 different Greyhound bus passes. Now it's up to you to decide the number of kilometers! If in doubt, please ask one of our travel experts.

Kilometer bus pass Regular price* KILROY price*
3.000 EUR 410,- EUR 389,-
4.000 EUR 525,- EUR 498,-
5.000 EUR 610,- EUR 579,-
8.000 EUR 880,- EUR 836,-
10.000 EUR 1052,- EUR999,-

* actual price may vary depending on current exchange rate of the Australian Dollar.

Tip: Most backpackers in Australia travels along the East Coast from Melbourne or Sydney to Cairns in the northern part of Queensland. This is a bus trip of around 3000 kilometers. For this trip we recommend the 4000 km Greyhound bus pass. With your extra kilometers you can go forth and back between two cities on your route

Greyhound KM buspas Australië

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