New Zealand bus pass (Stray)

New Zealand - Stray bus pass
From EUR 65,-


  • Hop-on/hop-off bus pass
  • Valid for 12 months
  • Very flexible
  • Many routes/passes
  • Guaranteed accommodation on overnight stops
Flexible hop-on/hop-off bus passes from Stray Travel in New Zealand. Choose from more than 20 bus passes that covers the highlights of the North and South Island in New Zealand.

The Stray New Zealand concept is simple: You travel by bus hop-on/hop-off style along with about 30 other young travelers and backpackers. The average age is about 24-25. The pass you choose determines the route. Along the way, the Stray bus driver tells you all sorts of things and fact about New Zealand - in fact he is more a guide than a driver. If you haven't been able to fix yourself up with a place to stay for the night, your Stray driver/guide is the guy to go to. They are there for you when you need them. All very flexible.

Hop-on/Hop-off concept

You can hop-on and hop-off the Stray bus anywhere on the route and as often as you like, as long as you verify your trip changes online or with the Stray reservations team. On the map below, the white spots indicate where the bus will stop overnight. The highlights are shown as orange dots. The Stray bus also stops frequently at supermarkets, so you can do some shopping and refresh if you need to. On average, 30 backpackers are oboard each of the Stray New Zealand busses. 

All Stray New Zealand bus passes

From EUR 65
All Stray New Zealand bus passes
12 months
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Valid for 12 months

All Stray bus passes are valid for 12 months and as long as you continue to travel in one direction (back-tracking is not allowed), you can use it as often as you need. Once you have selected and booked a Stray bus pass, you must activate it within 12 months. This happens when you step on the bus for the first time.

Accommodation on the route

At night stopovers en route (white dots on the map) Stray will arrange your accommodation for the night and they even guarantee that there will be a bed for you (even in high season - very handy!). You can choose which kind of room you want: backpacker dorm (about NZD 25 per night) or double room (approximately NZD 65 per couple). Some places lodges or cabins are also available for the night. Hostels are often YHA, VIP or Nomads Backpackers.

How to book and more information

Please contact one of our travel experts if you would like to book a Stray New Zealand bus pass or if you would like more information and advice on backpacking in New Zealand.