Ford Falcon Stationwagon - Australia


  • Can be driven by 18 year olds
  • Max. 5 people
  • Built 2005-2010
  • Aircon
  • Automatic


  • Tent for 2 people
  • Chairs and tables
  • Cooler
  • Portable stove
  • Cutlery etc.
The Ford Falcon stationwagon is the most rented and popular car among backpackers in Australia. It has all the comforts of driving a regular sized car and it has a huge trunk.
Countries: Australia

The size of the trunk of this Ford Falcon stationwagon is why so many backpackers pick this model - you can sleep in it, bring in your surfboard or a bike and still have lots of room for your luggage. 

Another reason why the Ford Falcon backpacker station wagon model is so popular, is of course the price. As a backpacker you will have to make the choice on how to get around Australia and you will find that the Ford Falcon Stationwagon cost about the same as travelling by bus. So, only one question remains: What do you prefer?

Drive and sleep

The Ford Falcon holds up to five backpackers when driving. Two in the front seats and three in the back. The trunk easily sleeps two people but the rental price also includes a camping tent for 2 people. Basically you can sleep 4 people with the standard backpacker setup.

Further, the Ford Falcon is a reliable machine, so no need to worry about problems on the go. It's also a handy model and you'll soon enough get used to driving on the lefthand side of the road Down Under. With a 70 liter petrol tank the Ford Falcon station wagon can drive you 550 kilometers before it's time to refuel.


Length / Width: 4.50m x 1.69m
Height outside / inside: 1.84m / 1.24m

Rental Locations

The Ford Falcon station wagon is only available in Australia and you can pick it up and return at the rental stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth.

KILROY extras

Rent this campervan through KILROY and you get the following extras:

• Minimum age is 18 years of age (normally 21 years and at least 1 year license)
• Free camping & wegatlas
• No one-way fee (normally AUD200) between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns
• Free pots, pans, dishes, bed linens, pillows, sleeping bag
• If you have an ISIC card, you pay the same charge for the additional driver (normal AUD75) 

Video Ford Falcon Australia