Standard C-25 Motorhome - USA and Canada

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From EUR 499,- per week


  • Two double beds
  • Power Steering
  • Power Brakes
  • Cruise Control
  • Automatic Transmission
A Standard C-25 motorhome from Cruise America gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom while you travel USA or Canada. All the necessities are on board.
Countries: USA, Canada

A Standard C-25 motorhome from Cruise America gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom while you travel USA or Canada. All the necessities are on board, and you don't have to worry about finding local transportation or accomodation. You've got your rental vehicle and hotel in one package!

Which motorhome is right for me

KILROY's motorhome partner in USA and Canada, Cruise America, has more than 40 years of experience in renting out their own motorhomes (mobile homes) in USA and Canada. There are 3 types of motorhomes, making it easy to choose the right model in relation to how many people are traveling together and for how long.

  • If you are 2 people and would like to have all the comforts of a compact motorhome, you should go with the Compact C-19 model (19 feet long). It is the smallest model and is easy to drive and park - and it's relatively fuel efficient.
  • If you are a family of 4-5 people you should go with the medium sized Standard C-25 model (25 feet long).
  • If you are 5-7 people the Large C-30 (30 feet long) is the right choice.

Driving and sleeping

All Cruise Americas vehicles have power steering, power brakes and automatic transmission. In case you've neved tried an automatic before, don't worry, it's piece of cake and it will only take a short while to figure out. All you have to think about when driving a motorhome is making big wide turns!

The front seats of the Standard C-25 model accomodates 2 people while there are 3 seats in the middle section of the motorhome. This is also where the dinnete table is located. During night the table easily converts into a bed for 1 person. With a rear corner bed, as well as a double bed over the drivers section, it is ideal for two couples or a family of up to five.

Standard C-25 Day layout   Standard C-25 Night layout
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Kitchen and bathroom

The Standard C-25 model has a full featured kitchen and bathroom area with amenities such as a central heater for those chilly nights in the mountains. The kitchen sink has en electric pump which is hooked up with the cold water tank. The stove has 3 built-in burners - enough for the chef to cook a splendid camping dinner. There is also a microwave oven and a refrigerator with a freezer compartment. The bathroom is equipped with a combination shower and and fresh water flush toilet. 

Standard C-25 dimensions

External height 3.72 m
External length / width: 7.6 m x 2.54 m
Double bed rear corner: 1.37 m x 2.03 m
Double bed roof top: 1.45 m x 2.44 m
Single bed: 0.97 m x 1.78 m

Video: Introducing the Standard C-25 motorhome


Do I need a truck drivers license

All Cruise America Motor Homes can be driven with an ordinary European drivers license (standard car, category B).

What does it cost to rent a Standard C-25 motorhome

The price varies according to demand and how many extra miles and accesories (kits) you need. KILROY and Cruise America uses the "Flex Rate" system to determine the rental price per week in relation to the time of booking. If you book your motorhome well in advance and there are lots of motor homes available, you'll pay a lower price. On the other hand, if you book close to your departure date or book during high season, you'll pay more. It's just like flight tickets! Do not forget that the prices are flexible - often you can get the Large C-30 motorhome cheaper than a Compact C-19 or Standard C-25 motorhome - it's all about availability!

One-way rental

It is possible to book one way rentals between all of Cruise Americas rental stations in the USA, however one-way rental is not possible between USA and Canada. A one-way rental fee of up to USD 750 applies. Below you can see the major Cruise America rental stations in USA and Canada.

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Popular motorhome travel routes

The most popular route in a motorhome is the classic San Francisco to Los Angeles and on to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas before heading back to San Francisco via Yosemite National Park. But there are many other fantastic itineraries in the USA and Canada. We have compiled a series of examples to inspire and help you achieve the best possible motorhome experience.

>> Download more motorhome information and travel route suggestions (PDF, 8 mb)