Escape campervan - USA

From EUR 659,- per week


  • Double bed
  • Rentals from 21 years
  • Kitchen in the rear
  • Stove
  • Sink


  • All necessary insurances
  • Free GPS
  • Additional driver free
  • Unlimited milage
Try out a cool hand-painted campervan in Western USA! Enjoy the scenic California, Arizona, Nevada and other western states as you cruise US highways and spend the nights in your campervan in campsites and beautiful National Parks.
Countries: Western USA

The Escape campervan is particluarly suitable for backpackers and young travellers. You have all the necessary amenities on board and two people can easily sleep in this campervan. It's also cheaper than the bigger motorhomes - and you save the money for an (expensive) hotel room each night. With this campervan you can stay at the most remote campgrounds or in the more well-featured campsites near the towns and cities. But your best option is to stay overnight at national park campsites. Get there early, they quickly fill up during summer season.

Escape campervan advantages

  • Cheap daily Campervan hire rates.
  • Unlimited milage
  • Unique hand painted artwork from top local artists with over 100 flavours to choose from
  • Rental statiosn in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas
  • Explore Canada for no extra costs
  • Among the most fuel efficient Campervans in America
  • Free starter packs
  • Free picnic chairs
  • Free bedding and duvets/comforters
  • Easy to understand insurance terms and rental conditions
  • No compulsory insurance
  • No vehicle preparation fees
  • 21 years+ can rent campervan (no extra charges for under 25's)
  • Reliable and modern Campervans with new 2009 to 2011 fitout
  • 24 hour roadside assistance throughout the USA and Canada
  • Multiple drivers at no extra cost
  • Only USD 200 deposit. You don't pay the balance until you collect your camper
  • Friendly, personal service and local knowledge and tips to help you and your camper get off the beaten track
  • "No hidden costs" policy

Rental locations

The Escape campervans are quite unique and only available in Western USA. Rental stations are located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

All insurances included

In the USA it is very important that you are properly insured when you are going to rent a car, campervan or motorhome. It is often a puzzle to figure our what kind of insurance is included in the price and what is not. For your convenience, all the necessary insurance policies are included in the price when you rent an Escape campervan in USA.


If you haven't driven a campervan before and if you are a little uncertain about the concept, take a look at our own video at the very top of the page or these two below. They explain pretty much all you need to know about the Escape campervan.