Road trip Australia: The Explorers way

Take a road from Adelaide to Darwin - straight through Australia
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Are you ready for a real Outback experience? Rent your Mighty campervan and drive straight through the backbone of Australia! This road trip will take you through amazing landscapes and some of the best national parks that Australia has to offer!
Duration: 2-3 weeks

This is a roadtrip suggestion, that will take you up (or down from Darwin if you prefer) the Explorers Way. The stops in between Adelaide and Darwin will provide you with some of the most amazing scenery you will ever see. So book your campervan with Mighty and get ready for a real and authentic Aussie experience.

A few tips before you go:

  • If you have your own vehicle, have your car serviced before you go.
  • Learn how to change a tire!
  • Don't drive at night, there are animals jumping around. 
  • Carry a lot of water with you.
  • Rest frequently: every 2 hours.


Start your road trip in amazing Adelaide
Adelaide Central Market
Lonely Planet mentions Adelaide as one of the coolest cities in the world and South Australia as the fifth best region to visit in 2017! Adelaide is a great city where you can easily spend a few days. It's called The Festival City - so if you are in town, make sure to check what's on! For shopping and nice food you can check out Adelaide Central Market. Adelaide is a vibrant city with great coffee spots, a great art scene and a very relaxing lifestyle. You'll absolutely love it here, and we suggest you spend a couple of days before hitting the road.

Day 1: Drive from Adelaide to Clare Valley

Time to move on, though. You are on a road trip after all! Wine lovers are in for a treat early on. 2 hours north from Adelaide you will find Clare Valley - a perfect place to do some wine tasting. Here you'll find the 32 kilometer long Riesling Track which means amazing scenery, old wineries and the best Riesling in the world! In this area you also find Burra, a historical town with lots of highlights. Go there to get the "Burra Heritage Passport" to tick all 50 hotspots of your list.

Driving: 307 km 
Sleeping in: Clare Valley


Day 2: Clare Valley/Port Augusta to Flinders Ranges

In Flinders Ranges National Park you can find the oldest landscapes in the world. On the way you can stop in Melrose and Quorn and ride the Pichi Richi Railway (from April till October). 

Driving: 199 km   
Sleeping in: Wilpena Pound near Parachilna

Day 3: Explore Flinders Ranges

Go for a hike or take a 4WD tour through this amazing National Park. Wilpena Pound is a natural amphitheatre and it's really worth the effort to climb up for great views. To get even better views you can take a flight to see Wilpena Pound, it is a 100 km old eroded mountain range. 

(Optional 2-3 day detour to Arakoola)

Arakoola is a privately held wilderness sanctuary. It lies in the heart of the Northern part of Flinders Ranges. The views you find here might be the best mountain views in Australia! Go to Sillers Loukout to experience this yourself! You can explore Arakoola by walking through Chambers Gorge and but you can also book a 4wd-Ridgetop Tour. 

Driving: 202 km both ways
Sleeping in: Arakoola

Day 4: Flinders Ranges to Marree (optional stopover)

Maree is maybe the mest remote stop you'll do on this road trip. Imagine yourself in the remote outbacks of Australia. If you planned on unplugging from the busy everyday life at home, you have come to the right place. Maree is also a good place to stop in order to break up the long road to William Creek. While around you should follow the Birdsville Track and visit a date farm. Make sure you fuel up here, as there is no gas stops until you reach William Creek.

Driving: 186 km 
Sleeping in: Marree

Day 5: Maree to William Creek 

Chill out at the hot springs at Coward Springs - the thermal waters are very good for you. Also you can get a nice cleanse after all that driving. William Creek is also the place where you can find the most isolated pub! Make sure to get a pint or two (no drink'n'drive though), and leave your hat for the owners! You'll know what we mean when you arrive! 

Driving: 204 km 
Sleeping in: William Creek

Roadtrip Adelaide Darwin Coober Pedy

Day 6: William Creek to Coober Pedy

It's all about underground life in Coober Pedy! Locals escape the heat by living under the ground, as it can get up to 50 degrees during the Australian summer. Coober Pedy looks like a deserted town on the surface, but many people live here because of the mines. These mines are full of opal, make sure to check it all out! You can even sleep underground.

Driving: 167 km 
Sleeping in: Coober Pedy

Day 7: Exploring the underground of Coober Pedy

In Coober Pedy it is all about opal. 75% from all the world's opal comes from Coober Pedy. Go and explore the mines in the area and you might find the most perfect opal to take home. Take a day tour and explore the underground life in this mining town or pay a visit to The Breakaways Conservation Park. 

Sleeping in: Coober Pedy

Day 8: Coober Pedy to Uluru - Kata Tjuta NP

Today it is all about you and your campervan! It is a long drive, but with a great destination as the final stop! Uluru (formerly called Ayers Rock) is one of the most famous landmarks of Australia. Just think about all the great posts on Instagram that awaits you here!

Driving: 734 km
Sleeping nearby: Kata Tjuta NP

Day 9: Uluru National Park

No driving today, but only awing this great great landscape! The massive rock has so many different reds in it, it's so beautiful. The biggest part of the rock is underground and was created more than 600 million years ago. It takes you around 3,5 hours to walk around it. Sunrises and sunsets are amazing here, the sun gives nice shades of red. We recommend that you take a guided tour in order to learn all about the Aboriginal history. 


Day 10: Uluru - Kata Tjuta NP to Kings Canyon

Get up early to see a great sunrise at Uluru - Kata Tjuta NP. When you visit this park you immediately get why it is called the Red Centre. Next to Ayers Rock you also find The Olgas, or Kata Tjuta. After this, get your camper and drive to Kings Canyon. Make sure to find a nice hostel, or even better... Camp under the stars! 

Driving: 303 km
Sleeping in: Kings Canyon

Day 11: Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon is perfect for early morning hikes! The most popular one is Kings Canyon Rim Walk. You can take several routes to the Garden of Eden and The Lost City. Absolutely amazing! We really recommend that you take a tour with an aboriginal who can tell you everything about the deep history and show you the most beautiful surroundings. 

Roadtrip Adelaide Darwin Kings Canyon

Day 12: Kings Canyon to Alice Springs 

If you have the budget to go for one helicopter tour, this is the place! The view from above is magnificent here! Schedule it for early morning because it's time to hit the road again later that day. You have a long drive ahead up to Alice Springs!

Driving: 472 km
Sleeping in: Alice Springs

Day 13: Alice Springs

Stay and chill in Alice Springs today. Do you like art? Then you are lucky! This place is full of Aboriginal art of all kinds, and even though you're not into art as such, this is a great cultural experience. Alice Springs is also surrounded by the MacDonnell Ranges, which means lot's of opportunities for great hikes, views and adrenaline-filled activities.

Sleeping in: Alice Springs

Day 14: Alice Springs to Tennant Creek

After a day of relaxing you will drive for 6 hours to Tennant Creek. It's a long drive, so make sure to stretch your legs once in a while. The best place to take a break is at Devils Marbles. Here you'll find the famous massive granite rocks. Tennant Creek is also the place where you can dig into the rich history of gold. The last gold rush was in 1930. This place is all about gold and mining. 

Driving: 510 km
Sleeping in: Tennant Creek

Day 15: Tennant Creek to Daly Waters

Drive to Daly Waters and have a few pints at the Historic Pub. The most isolated pub in William Creek (Day 5) was full with caps from all over the world. The Historic Pub has something diffent you can leave behind...  Your bra! 

Driving: 408 km
Sleeping in: Daly Waters

Day 16: Daly Waters to Katherine

This is a short drive with a great and relaxing stopover in Mataranka. It is a natural pool and the thermal activity makes the water very nice and warm. It is such a hidden gem that you are not to miss. As you'll experience it is surrounded with trees and the water looks deep green.  

Driving: 276 km
Sleeping in: Katherine


Day 17: Katherine to Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is Australia's biggest national park and it's World Heritage Listed - do we need to say more? There is so much Aboriginal art in the rock formations, that the park looks like an art gallery itself. In the middle of Kakadu NP you will find the famous wetlands where you can opt in for a water cruise to check out the rare wildlife. 

You'll also find many waterfalls in Kakadu National Park, among those are Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls. 

Driving: 340 km
Sleeping: Around Kakadu National Park

Day 18: Litchfield National Park

In Litchfield you can find giant termite mounds that are 2 meters tall! Eroded landscapes have formed beautival rock formations at the Lost City. And another cool thing is the beautiful waterfalls!

Driving: 250 km
Sleeping: near Litchfield NP

Day 19: Litchfield to Darwin

Last but not least: the final 1,5 hour trip to Darwin - the capital of the Northern Territory. It is really hard to describe the Darwin vibe. Firstly, it is much influenced by the Asian culture, which means that you'll find great food! The city also has a strong Aboriginal culture with great art and you'll hear a lot of different languages in the buzzing city.

The local markets in Darwin are definetely worth a visit! Bring your food and watch the sun sink in the water surrounding Darwin. The sunsets are great here!  

Darwin is a city you can easily spend a few days, so make sure to plan this into your trip! You probably also need a few days to rest from this epic road trip! 

Driving: 116 km
Sleeping in: Darwin


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