Road trip: Beauty of the Balkans


  • Stunning coastal landscapes
  • Local delicacies
  • Tito's bunker
  • Hip vibes in Sarajevo
  • Bustling nightlife in Makarska
Get ready for an absolutely amazing road trip in the Balkans. Here you'll experience indefinite beauty, delicious food, old Balkan-style villages and a lot of undiscovered hidden gems along the road.
Duration: Min. 2 weeks
Countries: Croatia, Montenegro & Bosnia

If you're up for something different, Balkan is your destination. This trip takes you through Croatia, Bosnia & Montenegro - and if you have never been in this part of Europe, you have certainly missed out! In this area, you'll find UNESCO-protected villages, beautiful coastlines along the Adriatic Ocean and plenty of hidden gems throughout the country side. And the best? It's still pretty cheap in these countries - especially when you escape the major cities.

Getting there: It's easy to fly to Dubrovnik's International Airport where you can rent your car. Fly home from Split.

Note: In order to avoid problems, please let the rental car company know that you intend to cross borders as there is typically a small fee applied. 

Suggested Route:
Dubrovnik - Bay of Kotor - Budva - Njegusi Village - Sarajevo - Mostar - Komin - Makarska - Split

Dubrovnik - Croatia
Start in Dubrovnik where you should pay a visit to the UNESCO-protected old town. Take the cable car to the top of Srd Hill and enjoy the stunning view from 415 meter above sea level. Dubrovnik is really a beauty from these heights.

Bay of Kotor - Montenegro
Continue to Bay of Kotor in Montenegro and experience the perhaps most beautiful town in the country (maybe even the whole of Balkan?). Needless to say that Kotor is also UNESCO-protected.

Budva - Montenegro
After a couple of days in the remote Kotor you take the short trip to Budva, a city with increasing number of tourist, especially among the locals. Check out the historical churches or go for some fresh seafood in the old town. 

Njegusi Village - Montenegro
Take a short stop over in the scenic mountain village of Njegusi which claims to be the heart of the Montenegrin cuisine. Try the delicious air-dried ham (prsut), the flat bread (lepinja) or the local cheese (njeguski sir). If you're into adrenaline you should fly through the landscape on the Njegusi Zip Line.  

Sarajevo - Bosnia Hercegovina
Sarajevo is a 5 hour ride from Njegusi, so if you want to break up the route there are plenty of beautiful cities along the Balkan countryside. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and within the last decade the city has really evolved into a modern and vibrant hub. Sarajevo is full of cozy cafés, restaurants and bars. 'Must sees' includes: Vrelo Bosne (public park), Bascarsija (the old bazar) and The Sarajevo War Tunnel, if you're into history.

Tip: If you are into Balkan history you should stop in Konjic between Sarajevo and Mostar. This is where former Yugoslavian dictator Tito built a large bunker in the mountains in case of a nuclear war. It's really a time capsule back to the 1950's Yugoslavia. 

Mostar - Bosnia Hercegovina
Mostar is famous for it's idyllic location on both sides of the small river Neretva. The absolute highlight being the Stari Most which is the old medieval bridge across the river. Check out the local shops in the narrow streets, take a trip to the nearby Kravice Falls or go for a hike to the top of Hum Mountain. 

Komin - Croatia
Before your next big city experience, press pause for a while. Now it's time for kitesurfing. Komin is located on the coast of Croatia and is a very small village. The kitesurfing here, though, is outstanding. Take a break in the surf camp and experience the relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the tasty local cuisine.

Makarska - Croatia
Infamous for its nice beach, the Makaska Riviera and the bustling nightlife, Makaska is a great stop before finishing of your trip in Split. Enjoy a couple of days partying, relaxing and doing watersport activities. 

Split - Croatia
Your road trip ends in Split in the central part of Croatia. Split is a modern city with many attractions. Visit the old town, take a stroll on the Riva Harbor or opt in for a nice boat trip to some of the nearby islands like Brac or Solta. You won't regret it.

Total distance: 760 km.  

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