Road trip: The Amalfi Coast & lower central Italy

Buongiorno! It's time for an epic adventure through one of the most beautiful countries in Europe: Italy! You'll experience ancient Rome, the stunning Amalfi Coast and plenty of idyllic villages and towns along the way.
Duration: Min. 2 weeks
Countries: Italy

This road trip will take you on a spectacular journey through the beautiful landscape of central Italy. Especially the Amalfi Coast will leave you speechless with it's spectacular scenery. Oh, and as you know, Italy has pretty damn good food too. 

Getting there: The easiest way to start your road trip is to fly in to Rome. Rent a car in the airport and get ready for a stunning adventure going southwards.

Suggested Route:
Rome - Naples - Sorrento - Capri - Positano - Praiano - Amalfi - Ravello - Salerno - Bari - Termoli - Pescara - Rome


Even though the trip starts in Rome, you shouldn't be visiting the city before the end of the trip. You don't want to bring your car into Rome.

Spend the first day in Naples in search of the perfect pizza. If you need a coffeine rush, Napoli is famous for it's (strong!) coffee as well. Head towards Sorrento where we recommend that you stop for a hike up the legendary volcano Mt. Vesuvius. You should also visit the ancient city of Pompeii - a UNESCO heritage site that was buried in ashes during a massive volcano eruption from Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

Make a stop in Sorrento - the homeland of the infamous Limoncello. The hills are packed with lemon trees that bright up the already spectacular scenery. A good tip is to spend a day or two in Sorrento, and take the ferry out to the island of Capri. From there, join an excursion to go see Grotta Azurra (the blue cave). The blue color is amazing. 

The Amalfi Coast:
Sorrento marks the start of the Amalfi Coast, and along the beautiful scenery you'll find several idyllic coastal towns with an atmosphere you won't find many other places. 

KILROY pro tip: Don't miss Positano, Praiano, Amalfi or Ravello along the Amalfi Coast. Those are some of the absolute highlights in this area. Positano has a cute city beach, but if you walk a short kilometer along the pathway from the city beach, you will arrive to a nicer and more secluded beach, away from all the hustle and bustle down by the town promenade. Also make sure to check out Villa Rufolo in Ravello which hosts concerts through the summer on a scene built out from the cliffs well above sea level. 

The Amalfi Coast officially ends in Vietri Sul Mare and if you continue around 10 km east you'll find yourself in Salerno. A cozy little town that offers great seafood and historical buildings. Pay a visit to the Duomo and Castello di Arechi from which you get a great view over the bay. 

After crossing the country you'll arrive in Bari situated on the coast facing the Adriatic Sea. Take a walk along the port of Bari, enjoy the beach, get lost in the old town (Citta Vecchia) or experience the sacred Basilica San Nicola. 

Continue north to Termoli where you'll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this little town. Termoli has a nice beach and some quality restaurants. Don't ignore Isole Tremiti - two small incredibly beautiful islands only a short boat ride from Termoli.

The last stop before heading back to Rome is Pescara. Take a walk on the recently built Ponte del Mare - a large modern looking bridge hanging above the port of Pescara. Enjoy some nice seafood at one of many seaside restaurants and go for one last swim before big city life in Rome is on the menu. 

Drive to the airport and drop off your car - you don't want to bring it into Rome! Hop on a bus or a train to the city center and explore the ancient landmarks of Italy's capital. Rome probably needs no further introduction, but the Colosseum and the Vatican are obvious highlights of the city though.

Total distance: 1092 km

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