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Train travel in Japan - Japan Rail Pass
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If you are planning to travel through Japan on your own, get a Japan Rail Pass. The rail pass allows you to travel in comfort throughout Japan - and it's flexible. The Japan Rail Pass can only be purchased outside Japan, so make sure to get it before you leave. The pass is valid for both train, boat and busses within Japan.

With the Japan Rail Pass in your pocket you can explore every corner of Japan in 7, 14 or 21 days. Besides easy access to the ultramodern and fast railway network, you also have access to bus and boat travel within Japan. It’s an ideal way for you to smoothly, quickly and comfortably travel Japan.

If you travel with a Japan Rail Pass you also save yourself the trouble of having to buy single train and bus tickets all the time.

Public transportation in Japan

Japan is the land of trains. Fast trains. A real "train culture" has emerged over the last decades and travel by public transport is no problem in Japan. Trains and buses run frequently and are well organized.

Japan Rail Pass - only available for sale outside of Japan

A Japan Rail Pass is available in "red" or "green", also known as "ordinary/comfortable/2nd class" and "more comfortable/1st class". And please notice, you cannot buy the Japan Rail Pass within Japan. You HAVE to obtain it before you leave from your home country, since the rail pass is only intended for international travelers.

Activation and seat reservations

When you purchase a Japan Rail Pass in your home country, it must be activated within 3 months. In Japan you need to exchange your voucher/coupon to an actual rail pass and activate it on a railway station, before your can explore Japan for 7, 14 or 21 days. Seat reservations are recommended and this can be done without any cost for pass holders. At www.hyperdia.com you can find timetables for most transport in Japan and make reservations.

Japan consists of four main islands which you can visit with your red or green Japan Rail Pass. For example you can start your journey in hip Osaka, sleep in a temple in Koyasan, relax at the beach in Shimoda, catch the train to traditional Takayama and finish your trip with a day of shopping and sushi in Tokyo!

How to book the Japan Rail Pass

As indicated above, you can only buy the Japan Rail Pass outside of Japan. You can get it right here at KILROY! Contact a KILROY travel expert or buy it online. Select one of the passes below.